The BlumSafe Professional Concealed Wall/Cabinet Safe – Up to 18 Winders


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If you find the BlumSafe alluring but need more storage and a higher level of security in a similar modular package, then the new BlumSafe Professional is the answer. Designed and manufactured in the USA, it is a serious, “Class B” burglary safe, offering optional fire protection and sophisticated features found in more expensive safes.

The Professional can house up to 18 of our Boxy winders (versus 12 winders in the original BlumSafe) or any combination of winders, shelves and drawers, plus room for four more watches in the base drawer. Additional storage options are provided on the back of the safe door with modular velvet or mirror-covered panels for anything from guns to necklaces and other valuables, or even important papers.  Dimensions in the tab below.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind product that can be placed in your bedroom or dressing room. It can be mounted between 16” on-center studs or in a cabinet, with sufficient depth. And with its increased capacity and protective ability, the BlumSafe Professional can serve as your main house safe —  at less than the cost of a mid-priced watch.

Class B Burglary Safe Protection. At 2 to 4 times the weight of an RSC safe, Class B security safes are a vast step-up in protection. As a Class B safe, The BlumSafe Professional  is equipped with a heavy, pry-resistant ½” solid steel door and ¼” solid steel walls on all five sides, weighing in at approximately 290 pounds (without the fireproofing option) vs the 62 pounds of the existing BlumSafe. All else being equal, more steel means more protection, period.

Advanced Safety Features. Beyond its mass, the Professional also has a variety of advanced anti-penetration features (detailed below), such as a dead bar/continuous channel that locks the door into the safe body as you shut it (if someone removes the hinges they still cannot open the door),  multiple relocker mechanisms, slip clutch handle feature, UL-listed locking keypad or dial, hardened steel and ball bearing double hardplate protection for the locking mechanism, and other US-designed lock protection technology found on much more expensive safes.

This safe is capable of resisting hours of brute force abuse by amateur criminals, and Class B Burglary safes are generally capable of withstanding entry attempts by more proficient criminals for an hour or more.

Storage Configurations and Finishes:

Like the original BlumSafe, the modular BlumSafe Professional is configured with a base drawer providing power to our winders stacked on top of it. There is also room for optional adjustable shelves and jewelry drawers. The Professional stacks up to six rows of three winders, for an 18 winder capacity, plus room for four watches in the drawer base and a jewelry drawer on top.

If you are thinking about upgrading from a standard BlumSafe, you can also re-use all your winders and related accessories.

The safe can be ordered in black, other stock colors above, or you can choose a custom color. Wood veneer cladding for inside the safe is available above, or choose a custom finish. – contact us to discuss your custom desires.

Double Safe Configuration. If you want two BlumSafe Professionals side-by-side, we can configure a single unit in a single outer flange. See this drawing. Contact Us.

Should I get the BlumSafe or the Professional? Not sure yet if an original BlumSafe or the BlumSafe Professional is the right choice for you, based on your needs? Click here for advice and a comparison.

For the cost of a mid-level watch, the BlumSafe Professional provides ample storage in a more secure safe, plus optional fireproofing.

During these times, isn’t your beloved watch collection worth the protection?

NOTES: CUSTOM ORDER, NON-RETURNABLE. The Professional is currently a semi custom-built item, with a 3-5 week lead time, depending upon customization and configuration. It is designed to be flush-mounted in a secure fashion, with at least 13” of wall or cabinet depth. See Installation tab below for more information. Winders are foreign manufactured (in a democracy).

Shipping pricing is a best-faith estimate and may vary depending on your delivery details, such as the location of the delivery in your home, the number of flights of stairs, etc. When we prepare your order, we will contact you for final details and make any adjustments.

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  1. JB

    I had 2 of the version 1 Blumsafes and was very happy with them but when the Professional came out I had to upgrade and it delivers. The safe is very well build and a lives up to the “Professional” billing. Door, frame, etc. are all very stout. Also love the fact that it still fits in between my wall studs. Great product, love the extra space and the optional storage drawers. A+

    • Rob Blum

      JB, Thanks so much for your continued confidence and loyalty in us! It is greatly appreciated.

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  • Additional Display Door Features:
    • Security Features. Besides heft, the Professional has a range of other security features, some usually not seen in a safe of this price range:
    • pry resistant ½” thick solid steel door, removable for easier installation.
    • 1/4” thick solid steel body.
    • A dead bar/continuous channel that locks the door into the safe body as you shut it — if someone removes the hinges they still cannot open the door, it  remains unopenable.
    • Hardened steel and ball bearing double hardplate protection to protect the locking mechanism.
    • Internal and external relocker mechanisms to protect against lock attacks.
    • mounting points for side, back and base mounting – mounting a safe correctly adds significantly to its security (contact us before installation for some ideas that should not be discussed publicly).
    • Fireproofing.
    • Four  ½”x3” wide locking bars with anti-drive resistance, which provide superior protection to the 1” round bolts used in comparable safes due to increased surface area and the manner most of these round bolts are constructed.
    • Choice of two UL-Listed locks with manual dial or electronic keypad.
    • 5/8” thick solid steel reinforced door jamb.
    • Slip-clutch feature – if a burglar attempts to torque your safe’s handle, its shaft will slip and release pressure on the lock.
    • Unique cam-over-center drive mechanism provides further protection in the event of a forced entry by punching or other means.
  • Other Features.
    • Lighting: 12V 4000K LED vertical strip motion-activated lighting provides excellent light coverage inside the safe. Power supplied by AC adapter.
    • Safe Colors: Safe available in BlumSafe’s standard black, other  colors also available for an upcharge contact us.
    • Modular Adaptability: Just like with our conventional BlumSafe, as your collection grows or your secure storage needs change, you can reconfigure the inside of the BlumSafe Professional to fit your changed needs.
    • Double Safe Configuration: If you want two BlumSafe Professionals, we can configure a single unit with two side-by-side in a single outer flange. contact us.
    • Removable Door: Makes installation easy, yet doesn’t compromise security due to deadbar/continuous channel design that locks the door into the body.
    • The BlumSafe Professional Can Move With You: Like All BlumSafes, when you move you can take the BlumSafe Professional with you.


  • Fireproofing for watch safes is a tricky thing, because while residential fireproofed safes provide some protection of your watches against heat, they typically do not protect to a temperature low enough to protect your watches from damage in an intense fire. See our old blog post on this subject here. That being said, we listened to our customers’ desires to enable an otherwise sufficient level of fireproofing in the new BlumSafe Professional. The doors on ALL Professionals (whether or not you order the fireproofing option) include one inch of ceramic fiber fireproofing insulation and a gasket of Palusol 2 stage expanding  with a cold smoke seal.As an option, we can provide a fireproofing solution in an outer steel shell for the body of the safe. Protection rating results pending. This package adds an additional 1 1/2” to each of the five sides of the safe (See the Dimensions tab on this page).Important Note: Since the safe body is mounted in a wall or cabinet (rather than being out in the open, more easily exposed to a fire), the body itself already benefits from some level of fire protection provided by your walls or cabinetry. Most safe fireproof treatments consist of two to three layers of sheetrock or similar material, the same material used in your walls, so theoretically, without even ordering our fireproofing package, you can further protect your safe against fire by building up your own homemade sheetrock fireproofing solution around the safe as it’s mounted (this is why we added fireproofing to the door, regardless of whether you choose our optional fireproof package). Doing it yourself also makes the safe easier to transport and install (its less heavy and bulky).By the way, unlike most consumer “fireproof” safes offered today, the fireproof solution in our optional  fireproofing package (or if you do it yourself)  is on the outside of the safe, the way a bank vault is constructed. As noted above, usually, consumer safes use moisture-filled sheetrock for fireproofing on the inside of the safe. When heated, this sheetrock gives off vapor and steam inside the safe, which can cause its own form of non-fire damage to watches and other contents. By placing our fireproofing on the outside of the safe shell, this problem is avoided. Since the fireproofing inside the door is ceramic fiber, it does not off-gas damaging vapor and steam into the safe.NOTE: If installing additional fireproofing, the Professional will need more room than provided by a standard 16” on-center stud pocket.




Interior dimensions (without optional fire protection panels): 13 3/4”wide X 35 3/4” tall and 9 1/8” of usable depth (with the door closed) Exterior dimensions: 14 1/4” wide,  36 ¼” tall and 12.8”” deep (not including the outside surface flange). With Fireproof protection panels, same interior dimensions, but exterior dimensions are 17.28" wide, 39.28" tall and 14.14" deep (not including the outside surface flange).

Weight: approximately 290 pounds, without optional fireproofing (body is approximately 180 pounds with door removed for installation); approximately 440 pounds including optional fireproofing package.


Location and Installation

Location. In determining the location of your BlumSafe Professional, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, take advantage of the form factor of this safe, which provides the benefit of concealability, providing more security for your valuables. It is designed to be mounted flush with a wall or cabinet surface. Second, you must account for sufficient cavity depth – 13” (or closer to 16” if ordering the optional fireproofing package).  See the Dimensions on this page for more information.

The security of a safe might be as dependent on how securely it is mounted as on the strength and qualities of the safe itself. If you bolt this impressive safe in between a pair of wood studs with no reinforcement, a thief can cut your studs out and take the entire safe with him!

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to reinforce your installation to make removal of the safe more difficult and time consuming – and thereby persuade your burglar to go elsewhere. We provide mounting points for side and rear wall mounting, as well as mounting points for optional steel base legs that attach to your floor, making removal more difficult and time consuming (time is your friend, the burglar’s enemy). These legs have an ingenious hardened steel solution that make cutting more difficult than regular steel, further slowing down a professional burglar. If placed in a custom cabinet design, your carpenter might even design shelving or drawers between the lower legs. Or you can simply attach steel plates between the safe and regular wood studs, or sandwich a steel plate between wood studs, going from floor to ceiling, to enhance security.

For better security, it is suggested that you mount the safe in at least two dimensions – both from the sides and the bottom, sides and back wall, back wall and bottom, or all three.

And always plan on multiple levels of home security (e.g., alarms, dogs, cameras, concealment) and adequate insurance, please.

We want your installation to be secure and work well for you functionally. Contact us (or have your designer contact us) to discuss.

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