The BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet – Patent Pending, Made in USA



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The BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet is a furniture-grade wood cabinet that contains a BlumSafe, attached to a modified TV lift. The lift elevates your BlumSafe on command – either by manual button, remote control, app on your smartphone, or voice command on a device like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. It is offered with a top cubby, below which are either three drawers or a door concealing shelves (either way, great storage for your watch boxes or anything else). The cabinet will be at home in your bedroom, dressing room, living room or home office.

A total solution for BlumSafe fans, the cabinet conceals your BlumSafe for greater security, keeping your watches and other valuables safe. It can follow you from home to home without leaving a hole in your wall to repair. The Concealment Cabinet comes fully assembled, and installation takes 5-10 minutes – no carpenter necessary – just attach it to your wall and plug it in. Pricing is similar to a TV lift cabinet.

The Cabinet is a high quality piece of furniture, manufactured by expert commercial cabinet makers in North Carolina. They are made of quality hardwood and veneered plywood and MDF, and use a very reliable and long-lived and quiet lift mechanism.

The BlumSafe is a built-in safe for the convenient storage and viewing of your watches and other valuables, featuring the well-regarded BOXY® Brick modular winder system and jewelry drawers, and a biometric fingerprint/keypad lock system. Add more winders and drawers anytime, as you need them. A BlumSafe can hold up to 12 winders or 8 jewelry drawers, or any combination, in addition to the base drawer included with every safe.

The BlumSafe is available with either a solid steel door or our unique Display Door. The Display Door allows you to admire your watches through its incredibly strong, polycarbonate windows while the door is locked.


Notes: Cabinet is a custom order item, non-returnable, with a 4-6 week lead time, depending upon customization. Cabinet and Safe manufactured and assembled in the US (certain components like the winders and lift are manufactured overseas). Due to ongoing improvements in our products, safe may have minor improvements from pictures, such as improved keypad.

Shipping pricing is a best-faith estimate and may vary depending on your delivery details, such as the location of the delivery in your home, the number of flights of stairs, etc. When we prepare your order, we will contact you for final details and make any adjustments.


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  • Note:  If you buy a single safe version now and your collection grows,  you can add and connect a second single safe cabinet later.









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  • Concealment Cabinet:
    • Made in the USA in North Carolina – the heartland of American furniture manufacturing
    • Heavy duty TV Lift preinstalled
    • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple by adding any wifi smart plug to the built-in current sensing outlet (NOTE: internal light on Display Door should be plugged into this wifi smart plug, and physical light switch on front of safe left on, so light will turn on automatically when Alexa tells the lift to rise).
    • Download Apple and Android APP to drive the lift via smartphone
    • Either three drawers, or door with shelves. Approx. internal space of each drawer is 24 1/4″W x 7 7/8″D x 6 1/4″ high. Shelves are 26 3/8″W x 9 5/8″D.
    • Virtually unlimited range of stains and paints or Formica laminates to “have it your way” (note, custom charges may apply)
    • Provides either three drawers or door with shelves for storage of watch boxes or anything else
    • Cabinet storage options add to concealment and security of BlumSafe inside
    • Cubby can also hold powered devices like a receiver or streaming music device
    • Hidden onboard surge protected power source for safe winders, lights and an additional component in the cubby, if you like. Just plug into wall outlet.
    • Access to hidden lift and BlumSafe compartment by removable panel.
    • Adjustible floor levelers for uneven floors
    • Access to hidden lift and BlumSafe compartment by removable panel
    • In-home white glove delivery available
  • BlumSafe:
    • Safe Made in U.S.A.
    • Winder Colors: Winders available in a range of colors – Carbon Fiber, Black, Fire Engine Red (some call it “Ferrari Red” – Pantone 186C), Orange (Pantone Hexachrome Orange C), Green (Pantone 7487 C) and Yellow (Pantone Yellow C)
    • Safe Colors: Black or white, or custom colors available to match your décor (or sports team)
    • Lock: Advanced 500 DPI optical fingerprint, 4-8 digit code or key opening system
    • LCD Display and sound alerts if door left unlocked (silenceable)
    • Winders: High quality modular Boxy watch winder and drawer/base. Dimensions 97 x 104 x 110mm, 3.75 x 4 x 4.5″
    • Each winder individually programmable for 3 speed and 3 direction settings (clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional) and 3 turns per day settings (672, 960, 1248)
    • Winders removable for use outside the safe (with optional power adapter or base)
    • Drawer Base: Holds up to 12 high quality, Boxy watch winders in a 3X4 configuration, add winders as you need them!
    • The drawer base has removable watch cushions for an additional four watches or jewelry
    • AC powered from within the Cabinet (nothing for you to do but plug cabinet into power AC wall plug)
    • Stackable, Modular Jewelry Drawers: Velvet lined with removable roll trays for rings, cufflinks, earrings. With tray removed, use drawer for necklaces, bracelets or anything else — dimensions (WxHxD) approx. 8.7″ (221mm) x 1.65″ (42mm) x 4.2″(107mm).
    • Jewelry Drawers have a secret compartment (WxHxD) approx 1.4″ (36mm) x 1.85″ (47mm) x 4.1″ (104mm).
    • Bright LED light with door opening activation for steel door model, AC powered two vertical LED strip lights for Display Door model.
    • Shelves: Two velvet-covered adjustable shelves, with nearly three times the depth of regular wall safes for greater storage flexibility.
    • On steel door model, convenient door-mounted, closable shelf, for use while safe is open.
    • Motorized 20MM locking deadbolts slide into anti-pry insertion slots.
    • Higher security, four-blade keys — no barrel keys
    • Laser-cut doors, not punch and shear, to minimize gaps.
    • Continuously welded seams, not cheap spot welding.
    • NOT fireproof or waterproof.
    • Note: Due to thinning fingerprints of users over the age of 55, biometric fingerprint readers may lose accuracy, be more difficult to use


Single Cabinet dimensions are 28”W x 24”D X 39 ¼”H, approximately 260 pounds with BlumSafe installed (approximately 200 pounds with BlumSafe removed].

Delivered either to your front door or, with optional White Glove service, unpacked and placed by our movers in your exact final location inside your home.


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