All – Steel Door BlumSafe – Up to 12 Winders


Now Made in The U.S.A.! Custom colors available! The BlumSafe is a high-quality built-in wall or closet safe for the convenient storage and viewing of your watches and other valuables, featuring the well-regarded BOXY® Brick modular winder system and jewelry drawers, and a highly secure biometric fingerprint/keypad lock system. Add more winders and drawers anytime, as you need them.

Our windowed Display Door BlumSafe is the same size as this steel door BlumSafe, but allows you to view your valuables through a secure window.

Your BlumSafe comes equipped with everything that you need – adapter, plug-in wall power connection for winders, batteries for light and lock, mounting bolts, backup key and instructions. Some assembly and installation required. Winders that go in the safe are foreign-manufactured (in a democracy). And we can even make them in custom colors for $250. For custom colors, Contact Us. Read the U.S. backstory and why we did it.

CAPACITY: A BlumSafe can hold up to 3 winders and 6 jewelry drawers, 6 winders and 4 drawers or 9 winders and 2 drawers (a 12 winder BlumSafe has no room for a Jewelry Drawer — so buy another BlumSafe!). Seriously, many of our customers install a BlumSafe and come back a year or two later for another. We strongly suggest that when you plan your space for your first BlumSafe, consider location for the second one. A BlumSafe with NO winders can hold up to 8 jewelry drawers.

NOTE: If your walls don’t have at least 7 ½” of depth for a flush Blumsafe installation, purchase the Frame which allows you to mount the BlumSafe in a standard 2″ X 4″ wall.

Options: Configure by choosing winders and jewelry drawers. Bottom drawer base is automatically included, no selection necessary.
Carbon Fiber
Fire Engine Red
Mixed Colors
  • *1. WINDERS

    *2. Winder Colors


    Reset options

    4. WHITE BLUMSAFE (+$200)

    Due to ongoing improvements in our products,  safe may have minor improvements from pictures, such as improved internal lighting.

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  1. MRA (verified owner)

    I purchased two safes for separate locations and each one with a little assistance from Rob and Elizabeth went well. For one of the purchases I had forgotten to tick the box for 2 drawers which I didn’t realize until after it had shipped, no problem Rob and Elizabeth very quickly organized the extra items and got them on their way to me. Personal service when needed was outstanding, they went the extra distance!
    I have used battery watch winders in other safes in the past and while secure they inevitably run out of power, I am looking forward to keeping my watches both wound and secure at the same time.

  2. E Bruce (verified owner)

    When it comes to buying anything, the product itself and the service provided matter. Having recently installed the safe myself I can attest that it is perfect for its intended use. Even more important has been the level of service provided by the owner Rob. Very pleased with my purchase.

  3. Roger in New Orleans, LA

    I purchased a 12 watch winder safe in 2019. I recently had one of the winders stop winding and I reached out to Blum Safe for help. A friend of mine who also purchased one said he had an issue similar to mine and the owner, Robert Blum, was so helpful and he encouraged me to reach out so I did. The staff were so responsive and Robert also reached out to me to help with the issue. It turns out that my winder belt broke and even though I am out of warranty, they graciously agreed to send me a couple belts gratis! I can’t say enough about this professionalism and level of service from Blumsafe. I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone interested in purchasing a watch safe. Mine is the 12 watch winder safer and is fantastic! I had it installed by my contractor and I am very pleased with it. Thanks for everything Elizabeth and Robert!! -Roger

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks so much, Roger.

  4. Michael Dickerson

    Huge shout out to BlumSafe for making such high quality watch safes. I have been on the fence about purchasing one for a while and all i can say is, WOW this thing is amazing. If your looking for an amazing safe with built in winders, I highly recommend them. Not only are their products outstanding, their customer service is second to none. I am already planning to purchase a second one for additional watches.

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks so much Michael. Enjoy!

  5. Jose Carvalho

    Great product amazing customer service I would recommend to anyone looking for a watch safe.

  6. Tony C. (verified owner)

    Great safe! Just purchased my second one and I recommend it to all of my watch-collecting friends. The Blum safe makes it easy to just grab a watch and go without having to set and wind it every time, all while keeping it safe and secure.

    • Rob Blum

      Tony, Thanks so much. Referrals are our best source of business! Rob

  7. JoAnn Murphy (verified owner)

    After enjoying 2 Blum safes for the last few years we bought one for our son. Great place to keep all his watches safe. It is hidden inside a cabinet and it is easy to use. He is loving it as much as we love ours.

    • Rob Blum

      JoAnn, Thanks so much for your loyalty and the kind words. Rob

  8. Ernest

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog
    and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks very much for the kind complement. I write about what hits me, so if you have any ideas, just let me know! Rob

  9. Megan Wood (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my safe! The best for watch & jewelry storage! Finally a perfect solution for watch winding & safety! Thanks Blumsafe!

    • Rob Blum

      And thanks Megan, you have a beautiful setup.

  10. Dave Martin (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with both the product and the customer service. Installation was straightforward and quick.
    I ordered the 6 winder option and the winders work great. I’d recommend this product to anyone.
    Thanks to the team at Blumsafe.

  11. Rob Blum

    Thanks very much! Rob

  12. Klaus Melph

    To Europe customer or alle other, this is a safe withe a reasonably price even send to Europe cost incl.
    Easy to build in a good quality.

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks very much Klaus. Enjoy the safe. Rob

  13. Josh (verified owner)

    I was searching online for a safe that I could put a watch winder in. When I saw this I started a new search that had watch winders already built in. The only other ones I found were about 10x the price so I was a little skeptical about purchasing this, but after installing and using it for the last month I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    • Rob Blum

      Josh, Thanks so much for your kind words. Have a happy and healthy new year. Rob

  14. Scott (verified owner)

    I was very pleased when I finally found a proper wall safe with watch winders. Installed so easily and works great, I just purchased a second one for our summer home. Customer service was super responsive and helpful. Highly recommend this safe.

    • Rob Blum

      Scott, Thanks for the confidence and the double order. I have been surprised and gratified by how many of our clients come back to add another! Have a happy holiday. Rob

  15. Pranav Patel (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical at first about purchasing the Blumsafe 6 winder package but after the purchase, I was contacted by Rob Blum (CEO & Founder) along with Amanda Batchelder (Marketing Director) thanking me for the purchase. What was unexpected is the continuous feedback from Rob & Amanda regarding every step & inquiry that I had. I was thoroughly impressed by the high level of customer service & support. The day that actually safe arrived, it was expertly packed in 2 boxes. As an engineer, I enjoy small “DIY” projects but was concerned that this was beyond my scope. It’s not, the instructions are clear, the necessary anchors and accompanying installation brackets are there with easy instructions. The winders immediately fired up & I was astonished at the integrity and quality of the products. The winders worked seamlessly with a custom fit within the safe enclosure. I was so impressed with the whole experience that I’d asked Amanda to keep me abreast when the clear door option became available (which I ordered immediately). If you own any watches that you consider to be valuable, I cannot stress the importance of properly protecting your investments. The Blumsafe not only provides me peace of mind but it’s really a thing of beauty. Any gearhead, engineer or someone who appreciates quality will immediately fall in love with the Blumsafe. I plan on expanding beyond my collection and will continue to purchase from Blumsafe. The team of Rob & Amanda along with the great products deserve a place in your homes. One of the best “insurance” protocols I’ve ever purchased. My highest endorsement to the people & products at Blumsafe.

    • Rob Blum

      Thank so much for the kind words, which mean even more after you told me that you do manufacturing process engineering all around the world! Let me know how you like the Display Door.
      Regards, Rob

  16. Ken Ginsberg

    The safe arrived very quickly in a couple of boxes. It installed easily by just cutting the sheetrock between two studs and screwed it in to the studs from the side.
    But more importantly, I had a few technical issues that needed to be resolved (due to my lack of electronic skills) I emailed the company and imagine my surprise when the owner of the company responded to my questions and resolved them quickly and efficiently.
    The safe is amazing. It is so easy now to change watches every day. I use the fingerprint scanner and Voila!!!…it opens and my watches are wound and ready to go.
    So happy I got it.

    • Rob Blum

      Ken, Thanks so much for the kind words, and you always know how to reach me with any issues. BTW, I dont know if it is useful in how you use your BlumSafe, but check out my new product, the Display Door with polycarbonate windows — launching tomorrow but on my website today:
      Regards, Rob

  17. Ran Nahmias

    This is the best watch related purchase I have made since I started collecting watches some 30 years ago. The safe is what every watch collector must have to keep her/his/their watches. The safe is constructed very well and arrived packed neatly. Being an engineer, have a lot of appreciation for the additional, shorter stud screws that accompanied the safe to make sure installation is optimized. As we added the safe to our bedroom during renovations, our framer was able to construct a sturdy housing that was tailor made for the safe. It is likely to outlive us and – possibly – the rest of the house.

    As the safe was meant to serve as watch winding power house, we ordered it with 12 winders. It is so simple and genius how those all fit in and I love how they are powered by a single power supply. I love how my rotating favorite 12 time pieces are easily accessible and always ready to go.

    Rob and the team were (and still are) helpful, kind and quick to respond. Not a common practice post sale. I love the safe and proud to have supported the team. This is a purchase you will not regret making.

    • Rob Blum

      Ran, Thanks so much for the kind words and your confidence in us. We are always trying to get better, and life is too short to not do our best. Rob

  18. Steve

    Absolutely incredible!! This safe is so incredible and easy to use! It has brought a level of protection that allows me to feel safe. I enjoy fine timepieces so I have several and it was really bugging me as to leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on my dresser for anybody to take! Now my watches are safe and no longer worry! The safe is heavy and if properly secured you need not worry anymore! Blum Safe has been great to work with! Lastly the price is stupidly affordable! If you own high end timepieces and don’t have yet I would ask one question why not? I am in the jewelry business and I have done millions of dollars of insurance claims because folks did not secure there valuables!

    • Rob Blum

      Wow, Steve! Thanks very much for the complements! I am happy we have been able to earn your trust. Rob

  19. JAM

    What a great product and exceptional service. I can’t say enough good things about the entire process and how pleased I am with my Blumsafe. It was recommended to me by a friend who was extremely happy with his. I am now recommending it to friends and the contractors I know as a must for future new home builds or renovations.

    • Rob Blum

      Jay, Thank you so much for your kind comments. I view BlumSafe’s clients as my community of watch lovers, and it is great to have your confidence. Regards, Rob

  20. German Trujillo (verified owner)

    Very good product. Upon receipt we had a small issue with the safe door and in no time Rob shipped me a new replacement. Top notch customer service!!!

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks very much German for the kind words. Our clients are always our first priority.

  21. Rob Blum

    Thanks very much for your kind comments. Writing on the BlumSafe blog about interesting things I come across is great fun, and I love sharing it with the BlumSafe family. You can subscribe to get new posts at the bottom of the webpage.

  22. Sol

    I own one of these Safes. It’s easy to install built well and has Blumsafe has great customer service. Would recommend this company and safe to anyone who loves watches.

    • Rob Blum

      Sol, Thanks very much, greatly appreciated.

  23. Jonny

    For anyone debating whether to purchase a watch winder safe…do it! And do it with a Blumsafe!

    The product is exactly what you need and more. I love the quality of the safe and how the watch winders stack inside. Not to mention the coolness of the fingerprint scanning to open the safe. A must for any gadget lover!

    I want to commend Rob and his team for the exceptional customer service they provided me as they went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied. Rob actually cares about his customers in comparison to large corporate companies who focus primarily on the sale.

    Cheers again

    • Rob Blum

      Jonny, Thanks so much for the kind words. regards, rob

  24. Leo P (verified owner)

    Very happy with the safe and price. I am located outside of the USA, and delivery was smooth and efficient. There was a few minor issues with the safe which were dealt with professionally by Rob and his team. Recommended

    • Rob Blum

      Leo, Its been a pleasure. Thank you for your patience and confidence in us. Rob

  25. Stephen H (verified owner)

    What a great product ! I have twelve watches and I love to change my watch daily. For years I always dreaded having to go to my safe at knee height and literally take out my watches one by one, decide which one to wear and then one by one put them back. The whole thing was a 10min affair at best.
    Your safe has made it so easy and pleasurable to change watches daily that sometimes I change twice a day.
    Great safe Rob. Thanks

    • Rob Blum

      Steve, Thanks so much for your recommendation — music to my ears! This is exactly why I created the BlumSafe for myself — to allow me to enjoy my entire collection much more. Have a good weekend, rob

  26. Jason Vise (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the BlumSafe. I had some mounting questions in the beginning and Rob was very responsive with support. For my application, it was best to frame out a pocket in closet and mount within. It looks super clean! I currently own 6 watches, but purchased the 12 winder option, to have room for growth in my collection. In the mean time, I use the 2 supplied shelves to store other valuables. Watches are now secure and wound 24/7. Excellent product!

    • Rob Blum

      Jason, Thanks very much. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. The best part of BlumSafe has been getting to talk to people like you who are into their watches, like me. Rob

  27. N.M.

    I would like to express my extreme gratitude for the expertise, customer service, and sheer niceness of Rob and Chris. I had been looking into watch winder safes for some time and found the majority being floor mounts and quite expensive I feel, for what you get. I was speaking with a colleague in Singapore and mentioned I was after a wall mount watch safe and he directed me to BlumSafe on the internet. Here I found exactly what I was looking for. I was able to purchase the model that suited me perfectly. Rob and Chris then went above and beyond to assist in arranging delivery and kept me informed every step of the way. They are stellar examples of the customer service that makes a positive difference when working with overseas transactions. I have no hesitation in recommending the BlumSafe for any watch enthusiast.

    • Rob Blum

      I am sorry to be so delayed in responding to your nice comment — thank you so much! To your point, when I started BlumSafe, I naively thought I would just sell in the US, but quickly started getting inquiries like yours from Australia, NZ, Malaysia, South America, the UK and continental Europe and Canada. I realized I had to find ways to better serve customers everywhere. I also realized how scary it was to order something expensive from overseas from someone you didn’t know, so I have gone out of my way to personally help and reassure my non-US customers. We are still learning about how to do shipping and other logistics the best way possible outside the US, but just know that we value all our customers, here and abroad — we are all part of the watch-loving community! Rob

  28. Bob Blanch (verified owner)

    Congrats on such a great product Rob! I have been looking for the perfect safe for quite some time – finally found it! My requirements: a secure place to store watches, powered winders within safe, space for additional items, reasonable price. The BlumSafe checked them all and even overachieved by including an internal light, fold down shelf, hooks for keys, and fingerprint access. Incredibly thoughtful design and implementation. Tremendous value. Winders are awesome – great that they are expandable as collection grows. Hardest part of install was simply finding the right location. Big fan – wife enjoys ease of use as well.

    • Rob Blum

      Bob, Thanks so much for the kind words — you nailed exactly what I was looking for as a watch owner when I designed the BlumSafe. It was great meeting you online through your watch safe odyssey! Rob

  29. Dan and JoAnn Murphy (verified owner)

    We have just installed 2 Blum Safes behind cabinet doors in our bedroom. We love them. Easy to use! And lots of room for watches and other valuables.
    Ordering and delivery was vey easy. I would recommend these safes from Rob Blum for sure. Thank you Rob

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks very much for the kind words, JoAnn.

  30. Andres Mena (verified owner)

    My Blum Safe is installed and operational. Works perfectly and does the job. Very happy to have found a high quality product, delivered promptly, priced reasonably and just generally perfect for what I needed.

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks Andres. We greatly appreciate the kind words.

  31. Ed Schmidt-Tucson, AZ

    My BlumSafe arrived last week and I put it in the next day. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. The fit and finish is fantastic and the robust engineering was better than I could have imagined for such a reasonable price. There is really nothing on the market like it. I really like the modularity of the Boxy winders and the drawer at the bottom is perfect for my 1925 Patek cushion manual wind and my M.Lacroix Jour-Nuit. The flip out shelf is perfect for placing one watch down while changing out for another. I fitted the safe behind a cabinet door in our dressing room, required a little planning but came out great. I highly recommend this to either a beginner or master collector.

    • Rob Blum

      Ed, Thanks very much for the glowing comments. If you ever have any questions or ideas for enhancements for the future, please feel free to drop me a line. Rob

  32. Henry in Monterey, CA (verified owner)

    The Blum Safe is the best solution I’ve seen to have easy access to my watches while keeping them wound to the correct time. It was easy to install and is completely hidden behind a painting for easy access. I think it’s a brilliant solution for keeping my 12 watches secure and on time.

  33. Gregg Mancini

    Very pleased — fantastic product and reasonably priced, way less expensive than anything else out there. The safe is well-built, very good quality winders that are separately programmable, and great room for watches and other valuables (somewhat bigger than normal wallsafe). Relatively simple to install once you find the right place for it.

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  • Safe Made in U.S.A.
  • Colors: Winders available in a range of colors – Carbon Fiber, Black, Fire Engine Red (some call it “Ferrari Red” – Pantone 186C), Orange (Pantone Hexachrome Orange C), Green (Pantone 7487 C) and Yellow (Pantone Yellow C)
  • Lock: Advanced 500 DPI optical fingerprint, 4-8 digit code or key opening system
  • LCD Display and sound alerts if door left unlocked (silenceable)
  • Winders: High quality modular Boxy watch winder and drawer/base
  • Each winder individually programmable for 3 speed and 3 direction settings (clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional) and 3 turns per day settings (672, 960, 1248)
  • Winders removable for use outside the safe (with optional power adapter or base)
  • Drawer Base: Holds up to 12 high quality, velvet-lined Boxy watch winders in a 3X4 configuration, add winders as you need them!
  • The drawer base has removable watch cushions for an additional four watches or jewelry
  • Powered by easy-to-install electrical connection or in-safe battery pack
  • Stackable, Modular Jewelry Drawers: Velvet lined with removable roll trays for rings, cufflinks, earrings. With tray removed, use drawer for necklaces, bracelets or anything else — dimensions (WxHxD) approx. 8.7″ (221mm) x 1.65″ (42mm) x 4.2″(107mm).
  • Jewelry Drawers have a secret compartment (WxHxD) approx 1.4″ (36mm) x 1.85″ (47mm) x 4.1″ (104mm).
  • Bright LED light with door opening activation
  • Shelves: Two velvet-covered adjustable shelves, with nearly three times the depth of regular wall safes for greater storage flexibility
  • Convenient door-mounted, closable shelf, for use while safe is open
  • Optional (but highly recommended) smart sensor detection, communicates to a smartphone app and sends texts for door opening, vibration, temperature, battery life, and internet connectivity
  • Note: Due to thinning fingerprints of users over the age of 55, biometric fingerprint readers may lose accuracy, be more difficult to use


  • Beautiful exterior– black, serpentized, scratch resistant steel.
  • 20-33% thicker door and body walls than most other wall safes in class.
  • Motorized 20MM locking deadbolts slide into anti-pry insertion slots.
  • Higher security, four-blade keys — no barrel keys
  • Mounting flexibility in 4 and 8 inches deep (or greater) studs — and BlumSafe is easily movable with you to your next home
  • Laser-cut doors, not punch and shear, to minimize gaps
  • Continuously welded seams, not cheap spot welding
  • “Secret hiding place” for cash and papers behind winders
  • NOT fireproof or waterproof
  • Production: Designed in USA, manufactured in Asia



  • Inside: H 26 1/2″ (673 mm) x W 14″ (355 mm) x D 7 1/8″ (181 mm).
  • Outside: H 26 3/4″ (679 mm) x W 14 7/32″ (361 mm) x D 7 3/8″ (187 mm), Flange around the safe: H 29 5/8″ (753 mm) x W 17 29/32″ (455 mm) x D 13/64″ (5 mm).
  • Weight: 60.1 lbs. (27.26 Kgs).


Steel Door BlumSafe PDF DocumentDownload

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