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Our Story

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The Idea Behind the BlumSafe

BlumSafe was conceived and launched by a casual watch collector (watch collecting always starts casually). He made his career in finance, but saw the need to secure his watches in a manner and at a price point not being offered in  the marketplace.

He didn’t know how large his collection would grow and evolve. He liked displaying his watches to admire and appreciated easy access. However, he was painfully aware that even in the most secure of households, an expensive watch left on the dresser in a glossy rosewood winder could easily disappear in the presence of otherwise trusted individuals –like a housekeeper, a plumber or even your teenager’s visiting friend. Not to mention professional thieves.

Our founder also liked the ability to swap out his watches daily, depending upon his mood or his activities, or who he was meeting with. The use of watch winders would keep his watches “ready” and easily accessible — easy access that his out-of-the-way, floor-mounted safe did not provide.

So he considered ways to balance easy accessibility, winder technology, and security. He decided that a wall safe was the way to go, and he started shopping for deep wall safes that fit these characteristics.

Our founder is a “value-oriented”, self-made man, and a tinkerer, who does not like spending money needlessly.

How the BlumSafe was Established?

He was dismayed by the high cost and imperfect solutions that were available on the market for both casual or committed watch collectors and felt that it made little sense for a watch owner to pay a minimum of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more for a watch winder safe — money that could instead be put towards purchasing that next Omega, Rolex, Grand Seiko or vintage Vulcain that he had his eye on.

He had noticed over the past decade that the Boxy brand had been very successfully selling a highly reliable, affordable and modular watch winder with a high quality, belt drive Mabuchi motor. The uniquely modular nature of the Boxy winder also gave him the ability to customize his safe as his collection grew and to individually set winder settings for each watch. He felt that most watch owners would feel the same way he did, and he decided to make Boxy part of his creation.

As he completed his product due diligence, our founder concluded that a deep wall safe that possessed unique and useful features, utilizing quality components,  could be manufactured and sold for significantly less money than the very expensive, predominantly floor safe solutions currently on the market.

The BlumSafe was born.

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