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"Concealment" provides a critical level of security for protection of your valuables, whether in a business security safe or luxury home security safe. Since the lion’s share of household burglaries are very quick, under ten minute in and out, snatch and grab affairs, concealment should be a key part of the home security regimen for one’s watches and other valuables. After all, "If they can’t find it, they can’t take it".

This philosophy is how BlumSafe started, as a company focused on designing and building built-in safes for walls and fixed cabinets.

Wall-Mounted Concealment. Flush mounting a safe like the BlumSafe on your wall provides the ability to conceal it behind a photograph or canvas painting, mirror or something more elaborate, like our Display Screen or Magic Mirror. In each of these instances, the concealing feature like our Screen is mounted to your wall covering your safe and swings aside on hinges. You can read more aobut the Screen on its product page, but it allows users to post and view in an efficient place a wide range of useful information, including calendar, weather, stock portfolio updates, news headlines, family photos, etc. Whether you position our steel door BlumSafe behind a Screen, or our display door BlumSafe so you can watch your watches rotating on our Boxy watch winders through the door, they provide a secure and concealed storage solution for your watches and other valuables.

Our Screen also is available with a concealed RFID locking mechanism which locks the Screen to the wall, further concealing the BlumSafe or any safe or wall nook that could be placed behind the Screen.

The Concealment Cabinet (Patent Pending). As desirable as a built-in safe is, not everyone has the wall depth or built-in cabinet space to facilitate a deep wall safe or similar storage. The Concealment Cabinet was conceived to deal with this problem, concealing a BlumSafe on a remote controlled lift mechanism. It is a wood cabinet, 28”W x 39”H x 24” D in its single safe version (a “double wide” two safe version is also available). The front section of the cabinet contains drawers or a door and shelves, which can store watch boxes or anything else, and add to the concealment factor of the cabinet as a dresser or other normal storage piece of furniture. The back portion of the Cabinet, on the other hand, conceals either a Steel Door or Display Door BlumSafe, filled with watch winders, storage drawers or shelves, for watches jewelry and other valuable.

Of course, BlumSafe customers can also create their own concealment options, but with our concealment products, we seek to give our customers a range of good solutions to an important problem.