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Choose the Right BlumSafe for You!

BlumSafe — built-in safes for inconspicuous yet accessible installation in walls, built-in cabinetry and closets, or in our free-standing Concealment Cabinet.

If you are not sure which safe is right for you, compare our products below or go to this decision tree.


BlumSafe — Steel Door


BlumSafe — Display Door


BlumSafe Professional


This is best for: Secure overall storage Protect and admire Highest security and storage capacity; fireproof (optional)
Ease Storage Capacity
of Access
Base drawer plus up to 12 winders,
9 winders and up to 2 jewelry drawers,
6 winders and up to 4 jewelry drawers,
3 winders and up to 6 jewelry drawers, or
No winders and up to 8 Jewelry drawers
Each safe comes with two velvet covered shelves, adjustable height
Base drawer plus up to 18 winders and 1 jewelry drawers to no winders and up to 13 jewelry drawers
Back of door holds 1-3 utility grids (for file storage, firearms, etc) and a neckless bar over a velvet panel or mirror
Each safe comes with two velvet covered shelves, adjustable height
Colors Black and white (stock); custom colors (special order) Black and custom colors
Interior Dimensions H 26 1/2″ (673 mm) x W 14″ (355 mm) x D 7 1/8″ (181 mm) H 35 3/4″ x W 13 3/4” x D 9 1/8” of usable depth (with the door closed)
Exterior Dimensions H 26 3/4″ (679 mm) x W 14 7/32″ (361 mm) x D 7 3/8″ (187 mm), Flange around safe: H 29 5/8″ (753 mm) x W 17 29/32″ (455 mm) x D 13/64″ (5 mm)
Measured Drawing
H 36 1/4″1 x W 14 1/4” wide x D 12.8”
With Fireproofing: H 39.28″ x W 17.28″ x D 14.14″ (not including the outside surface flange)
Measured Drawing (non-fireproof)
Measured Drawing (fireproof)
Minimum Required Wall Depth 7 1/2″ 13″ (non-fireproof); 14 1/4″ (fireproof)
Weight 60.1 pounds (27.26 kg) 290 pounds (non-fireproof)/ 440 pounds (fireproof)
Door 5mm thick, solid steel door 10mm thick scratch resistant
1/2″ thick steel, Class B
Burglary protection
Lighting Ceiling motion sensor
light (battery)
LED bar lights, AC
powered, switch
LED bar light, motion
sensor, AC power
Fireproofing Available as an option
Access: Keypad with fingerprint option, key backup UL listed keypad or manual dial
Concealment options BlumSafe Screen, Mirror, Concealment Cabinet,
or customer-supplied hinged artwork
Customer-supplied hinged artwork