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Price for Mirror only, does not include BlumSafe or Nook

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the BlumSafe Concealment Mirror is a secretly-hinged, 32” (diagonal) Mirror that cleverly conceals your BlumSafe, or ANY wall safe or our wall nook. If you don’t need the modular watch and jewelry storage of a BlumSafe, or only have a wall with 2” X 4” deep construction, consider ordering the Wall Nook.

The Concealment Mirror is essentially the same product as our Electronic Screen, with no electronics. This wall mirror is durable enough to hold your gear and easy to install. Available in the United States!

The resulting space behind the mirror can be used for gun storage in our 2″ deep foam insert.

Precision carpentry of the beautiful wood frame makes the true purpose of the Mirror unknowable to intruders, who would NEVER expect that there is anything hidden behind it. And the Mirror can be locked to the wall with an optional lock bar/valet tray using an RFID credit card “key” for easy unlatching to reveal your BlumSafe.

Electronic Screen Version also Available Here. The Screen is built on the same frame and with the same functionality as the Concealment Mirror, but also has an electronic display that provides you with a rotating photo album and a wide array of information that you can easily program yourself through an online portal. We even offer a Magic Mirror Option of the Electronic Screen. This solution allows you to use the Screen as a mirror, cleverly showing text data through the two-way mirror.

NOTES: Some Photos here are NOT the Mirror, but of the Screen in Maple finish, which is dimensionally identical to the Concealment Mirror.

We can prepare your Mirror in custom colors and finishes. Contact Us to discuss your customization.

Custom order, non-returnable. Delivery time 3-5 weeks

White Oak
Black (+$75)
White (+$75)
WALL NOOK (+$249.99)
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  • Measurements: 31-3/8"H x 19-1/4"W x 3"D (6"D – with Lock Bar).
  • Weight : Approximately 30 pounds.


Click here and download Construction Manual for Blumsafe Screen

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