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“Secure, modular and scalable watch storage”

Our Story

BlumSafe was inspired by a pursuit for the perfect deep wall safe for watch winders and watches. We looked around at existing options and found that they were either very expensively priced or were lacking in desired features or quality. Security, accessibility, customization, and cost. With the BlumSafe, we sought to design a product that impeccably balances everything you desire in a reasonably priced wall safe for watches. Without compromise.


BlumSafe Features

High qualityThe BlumSafe has continuous welds and 20-30% thicker steel than comparable wall safes, and features premium Boxy® brand winders.
Quick and Easy AccessIn a hurry? The BlumSafe features biometric fingerprint scanning for fast access—or use digital keypad or high security key.
Modular CustomizationAdd up to 12 watch winders as your collection grows. Add Display Door option at any time. Adjust shelves and drawers for other valuables.
Convenient StorageNo more bending down and straining your back to retrieve watches and jewelry from a floor safe. Access and admire your collection more easily.
Smart Sensor Remote Monitoring App (optional)Reliable monitoring via smartphone app, instantly notifying you of door opening, motion/shock sensing, connection failure, low battery, and change in temperature levels.
Easy Installation and RelocationMoving to a new apartment or house? The wall-mounted BlumSafe can be unbolted by you from your wall and easily relocated when you move.
  • This was the perfect safe for me. I have 5 good mechanical watches. Now they are always wound -- and safe. This a great place for all of them for less than the price of one decent mechanical watch.
    Steven M., Scottsdale, AZ
  • Great watch safe, price was very fair for what you get, easy to install once you pick a place for it. And I love the idea of the smart sensor on the safe to monitor it from my cell phone. A lot safer than stowing watches in my underwear drawer!
    Edward A., Darien, CT
  • Great safe, lots of room in it, but because it's a wall safe, it doesn't use any floor space and is invisible (I hide it behind a painting). I love that I can take it with me when I eventually move from my apartment to a house. A lot easier and better than a heavy floor safe, but still very secure.
    Richard W., Chicago, IL
  • The best gift I could have gotten my husband! I had a handyman install it as a surprise. Now he wears all his watches. An added bonus is that there is plenty of room in the wall safe for my jewelry.
    Christine L, Greenwich, CT
  • The build quality is nice, especially for the price, with similar features as "high end" watch safes. I  have three automatic watches, and I love that I will be able to add winders easily in the future.  Much better then leaving my watches out  in a winder on the dresser.
    Tyler M., Dallas, TX
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