Display Door BlumSafe (Package)


With this package you receive the BlumSafe with the all-steel door AND the Display Door add-on, which can be installed in ten minutes.

The BlumSafe is a high-quality wall safe for the convenient storage and viewing of your watches and other valuables, featuring the well-regarded BOXY® Brick modular winder system, and a highly secure biometric fingerprint/keypad lock system.

The BlumSafe Display Door allows you to admire your watches through its incredibly strong, polycarbonate windows while the door is locked.

Your BlumSafe comes equipped with everything that you need – winders, plug-in wall power connection for winders, mounting bolts, keys and instructions. Some assembly and installation required.

NOTE: Orange, Green and Yellow winders are special orders, not returnable, and are subject to a minimum order of three (any special order color) to cover shipping and handling cost.

Carbon Fiber
Fire Engine Red
Mixed Colors

Please specify which colors you would like to have:

    • Winders available in a range of colors – Carbon Fiber, Black, Fire Engine Red (some call it “Ferrari Red” – Pantone 186C, Orange (Pantone Hexachrome Orange C), Green (Pantone 7487 C) and Yellow (Pantone Yellow C)
    • Advanced 500 DPI optical fingerprint, 4-8 digit code or key opening system
    • LCD Display and sound alerts if door left unlocked (silenceable)
    • High quality modular Boxy watch winder and drawer/base
    • The base holds up to 12 high quality, velvet-lined Boxy watch winders in a 3X4 configuration, add winders as you need them!
    • The drawer has removable watch cushions for an additional four watches or jewelry
    • Each winder individually programmable for 3 speed and 3 direction settings (clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional) and 3 turns per day (TPD) settings (672, 960, 1248)
    • Winders removable for use outside the safe (with optional power adapter or base)
    • Powered by easy-to-install electrical connection or in-safe battery pack
    • Bright LED light with door opening activation
    • Convenient door-mounted, closable shelf, for use while safe is open (on the removable all-steel door)
    • Two velvet-covered adjustable shelves, with nearly three times the depth of regular wall safes for greater storage flexibility
    • Optional (but highly recommended) Samsung SmartThings smart sensor detection, communicates to a smartphone app and sends texts for door opening, vibration, temperature, battery life, and internet connectivity
    • Note: Due to thinning fingerprints of users over the age of 55, biometric fingerprint readers may lose accuracy

    Additional Display Door Features:

    • Two polycarbonate windows, showing the bottom six winders in the BlumSafe and the top three winders (if the maximum of 12 winders is installed)
    • Windows made from the same material as safety windows and similar security applications calling for shock-resistant treatment
    • 10mm thick windows can bear repeated hammer blows, protective against most everyday risks — watch this video of Rob Blum attacking the windows with a hammer, and this video of an independent test of 6mm polycarbonate panels in comparison to other transparent materials.
    • Three bright “daylight” LED lights so you can easily admire your watches with the door closed, controllable by door mounted push button
    • Battery-saving feature – light automatically turns off after 15 minutes if you forget to turn it off
    • Separate battery box on the back of door lights – no power drain on batteries used for lock and keypad mechanism


  • Beautiful exterior– black, serpentized, scratch resistant steel.
  • 20-33% thicker door and body walls than most other wall safes in class.
  • Motorized 20MM locking deadbolts slide into anti-pry insertion slots.
  • Higher security, four-blade keys — no barrel keys
  • Mounting flexibility in 4 and 8 inches deep (or greater) studs — and BlumSafe is easily movable with you to your next home
  • Laser-cut doors, not punch and shear, to minimize gaps
  • Continuously welded seams, not cheap spot welding
  • “Secret hiding place” for cash and papers behind winders
  • NOT fireproof or waterproof
  • Production: Designed in USA, manufactured in Asia



  • Inside: H 26 1/2″ (673 mm) x W 14″ (355 mm) x D 7 1/8″ (181 mm).
  • Outside: H 26 3/4″ (679 mm) x W 14 7/32″ (361 mm) x D 7 3/8″ (187 mm), Flange around the safe: H 29 5/8″ (753 mm) x W 17 29/32″ (455 mm) x D 13/64″ (5 mm).
  • Weight: 60.1 lbs. (27.26 Kgs).
  1. Richard Alford (verified owner)

    The Blum watch safe was delivered on time, in 4 boxes. Our handyman installed it, and it works great.
    We had no issues with installation or set-up.

  2. Nandor (verified owner)

    Overall very happy with my safe. Install was easy and it looks great.

  3. Jay Martin

    It’s been a year since I purchased my Blumsafe and I appreciate it even more now. It’s been a great product that is extremely reliable, easy to use. The design is practical and functional. I have recommended it to friends and family members and will continue to do so.

    • Rob Blum

      Thanks so much Jay. Hearing satisfaction from happy longer term customers makes my day.

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