The Jewelry Drawer – BlumSafe Jewelry Lovers Can Now Coexist With Watch Lovers!



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For Flexible Storage of ALL your Jewelry and Other Valuables – these stackable jewelry drawers can now be added to any BlumSafe!
It’s just a fact — not everyone is a watch collector, or they may have MORE jewelry and require better jewelry storage. Many customers have asked for jewelry drawers for themselves or for a significant other, either for the same BlumSafe or for a two safe configuration. We listened and here is our solution — add these jewelry drawers to your existing BlumSafe today or order them with a new BlumSafe.

These new jewelry drawers are just like everything we do — reasonably priced, modular, provide a lot of storage flexibility and can be added at any time after safe installation. They are velvet lined with removable roll trays for rings, cufflinks, earrings. With the tray removed, use the drawer for necklaces, bracelets or anything else. Dimensions of the drawer are (WxHxD) approx. 8.7″ (221mm) x 1.65″ (42mm) x 4.2″(107mm).

Our jewelry drawers also have a secret compartment when you remove the top of it — dimensions of that compartment are approx 1.4″ W (36mm) x 1.85″H (47mm) x 4.1″ D (104mm). Think about it — someone comes in and robs your house, and if they SOMEHOW get into your safe, they will yank out the drawers but never think to disassemble the drawers to find this secret hiding place in each drawer for gold coins, diamonds, a USB crypto drive…

CAPACITY: A BlumSafe can hold up to 3 winders and 6 jewelry drawers, 6 winders and 4 drawers or 9 winders and 2 drawers (a 12 winder BlumSafe has no room for a Jewelry Drawer — so buy another BlumSafe!). A BlumSafe with NO winders can hold up to 8 jewelry drawers.

NOTE: The Jewelry Drawer can either sit directly on top of the base drawer that comes with your BlumSafe with an included adapter plate, it will sit on top of a row of winders, or on top of a shelf. You cannot place a row of winders on top of the jewelry drawers as they cannot draw power that way unless you want to buy three extra power adapters to
power those winders. This would be necessary, for example, if you want to place jewelry drawers behind the lock mechanism of a Display Door and then show a top row of winders through the top window of the door.

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