The Frame – For Easy, Secure BlumSafe Installation in ANY Standard Wall



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Now no construction is necessary to easily mount a BlumSafe in a standard 2” X 4” wall!

If you have a wall or cabinet that is deep enough, you can easily flush-mount your BlumSafe for an attractive installation. But what if you only have a standard 2” X 4” wall in your closet, for example, and don’t want to add another wall, or do not have dead space behind the wall to enable a flush fit, as detailed in our Installation Notes? The Frame is the answer to your problem. Simply, the Frame removes the biggest reason watch lovers may not seek the convenience of our wallsafe for their watches.

The Frame is an attractive and ingeniously engineered design (if we must say so ourselves), made from quality wood trim that is attached securely to both the wall and to your BlumSafe.  The BlumSafe slides into the Frame and is bolted to the wall studs and to the Frame, allowing the BlumSafe to safely sit semi-flush to the wall.

The Frame comes in two pieces and is primed in white paint –you can choose to paint it to match your room or leave it “as is”.

You can easily remove the Frame and the BlumSafe  if you move, and take it with you – just patch your wall and no one will ever know the safe was there.

Frankly, we wish we had thought of the Frame sooner, as we have turned away many, many potential BlumSafe customers who otherwise loved our safe but faced this installation issue —  now solved by the Frame.

Measurements: 34 ½” H X 22 ½” W X 4” D, at widest dimensions.

Only for 2” X 4” wall or deeper.

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