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NOTE: If you don’t already own a BlumSafe and want one with the Display Door, Click Here to see the BlumSafe Display Door package.

The BlumSafe Display Door allows you to admire your watches through its incredibly strong, polycarbonate windows while the door is locked. It is an option available for all BlumSafes. The existing all-steel BlumSafe door can be swapped out in less than ten minutes for the new Display Door – just loosen the screws at the top and bottom of the door hinges, switch the doors and load batteries for the lock and lights.

This is an idea my 20-year-old son had when we first launched the BlumSafe. He said, “Dad, it would be amazing to offer a bulletproof glass door to the Blumsafe, so people can see their watches and show them to friends!” I knew he was right, but it took us a year and a half to get it right.

The BlumSafe will continue to be sold with the original all-steel door as a standard feature. The new Display Door is sold as an add-on option and can be bought either with the BlumSafe or later.

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  • The same reliable motorized lock and numerical keypad/fingerprint/backup key unlocking mechanism used on the existing BlumSafe all-steel door
  • Two polycarbonate windows, showing the bottom six winders in the BlumSafe and the top three winders (if the maximum of 12 winders is installed)
  • Windows made from the same material as safety windows and similar security applications calling for shock-resistant treatment
  • 10mm thick windows can bear repeated hammer blows, protective against most everyday risks – watch this video of Rob Blum attacking the windows with a hammer, and this video of an independent test of 6mm polycarbonate panels in comparison to other transparent materials.
  • Three bright “daylight” LED lights so you can easily admire your watches with the door closed, controllable by door mounted push button
  • Battery-saving feature – light automatically turns off after 15 minutes if you forget to turn it off
  • Separate battery box on back of door lights – no power drain on batteries used for lock and keypad mechanism
  • Works with SmartThings multisensor (optional device), just like the BlumSafe all-steel door

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