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SmartThings Hub and Multisensor Availability / Reminder – Keep Your Lock Batteries Fresh!

Blumsafe Steel Door


As many of you know, we have long advocated for using the Samsung SmartThings devices to monitor your BlumSafe and other functions in your home (for more information, see this blog post), together with various means of video surveillance as part of a layered security approach.

However, last year, as part of a Samsung corporate strategic direction change to focus on building SmartThings ability into their consumer devices — but not building standalone hardware like the hub — Samsung sold its SmartThings hardware lines to Aeotec. 

Because of supply problems, it took a while for Aeotec, a Silicon Valley internet of things (IOT) device designer, to get product to market, and there were massive shortages.  Finally, the Aeotec-branded, SmartThings compatible hub and multisensors are available. The bad news is they increased the price by about $50 on the hub and $25 on the door sensor so they could actually make a profit on them, but overall, good news for SmartThings fans. 

Currently, BlumSafe is not carrying inventory in these items, but you can go straight to Amazon for the hub  and a somewhat different (but compatible) door sensor.

The bad news is that SmartThings has now changed corporate hands twice in about five years. We wish Aeotec all the best of luck, but with this history in mind, we think it is prudent to stock up on these devices now.

Consider Changing Your Lock Batteries

If you installed your BlumSafe approximately eighteen months ago or more, it’s time to change your lock batteries – even if the LCD screen shows you still have charge remaining on your batteries. Remember, use high quality alkaline (or if you are a sport, super-long lasting lithium batteries). While you’re at it, make sure your backup keys are in a safe place – OUTSIDE of your safe!