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The New BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet  (Patent Pending)

The Challenge

The BlumSafe has been a great, reasonably priced solution for watch collectors. However, whether you are new to the BlumSafe or already own one (or two), the biggest barrier to entry has always seemed to be, “where am I going to put it?”  Finding the wall space with appropriate depth, or cabinetry in which to mount it, has sent away many disappointed potential BlumSafe customers.

No longer.

We are proud to announce the introduction of our unique new product, the BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet (patent pending).

The Solution

Basically, it is a furniture-grade wood cabinet that contains your BlumSafe, attached to a modified TV lift that elevates your BlumSafe on command – either by remote control, app on your smartphone, or voice command on a device like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. It is offered with a top cubby, below which are either three drawers or a door concealing shelves (great storage for your watch boxes or anything else). The cabinet will be at home in your bedroom, dressing room, living room or home office.

Yes, your friends will be impressed. There is nothing on the market like this.

A total solution for BlumSafe fans, it can follow you from home to home without leaving a hole in your wall to repair, yet provides the concealment that helps keep your watches and other valuables safe. The Concealment cabinet comes fully assembled, and installation takes fewer than ten minutes – no carpenters necessary – just plug it in. Pricing is similar to a TV lift cabinet.

Sizes. The BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet is available in a single safe version, 28”W x 24”D x 39” hig, to fit beneath most windows or against a wall. (for greater security, we recommend it be attached to the wall – but that is relatively easy, for this “works out of the box” design).  Our single safe cabinet is engineered to allow users to start with one cabinet, and then if they wish at some later date, bolt another one side-by-side (about 15% of BlumSafe buyers end up buying a second one at some point – we all know that our watch collecting is an addiction…). We are also engineering a two safe-wide version as shown in this video [LINK].

Ingenious Concealment and Convenience in Clear View.

Quality. We have designed this product to be of a quality that is worthy of your home and collection. It is manufactured by  expert commercial cabinet makers in North Carolina, the land of furniture (where BlumSafe happens to be based). The cabinets are made of quality hardwood and veneered plywood and MDF, and uses a very reliable and long-lived and quiet lift mechanism.

Configuration and Style.  The Concealment Cabinet is available in stock walnut, oak and maple wood finishes. Additionally, on a custom basis to match your décor, you can order another wood finish or have it painted or covered in virtually any color or style of laminate finish (e.g., Formica).

From a style perspective, we use  a very clean, modern design. We may be able to offer custom-styled solutions in the future, but we are not ready to go there yet.

Professional Designers – Build Your Own. Close to 20% of our clients are interior designers and carpenters/cabinet makers – who may wish to build this design into their own cabinetry, matching the styling of other cabinetry in their clients’ homes. We will sell you the elements to and design to build your own.

Security. Each cabinet will have three approximately 7” deep drawers, which is deep enough for your watch boxes (mine are all over my house), most clothing or anything else, with a shelf over the drawers. Alternatively you can have a door on the front, concealing shelves. We thought about making the cabinet shallower and not include drawers. However, consistent with our belief in the benefit of concealment to achieving the overall mission of security, we found that the inclusion of drawers helps this piece appear as simply another piece of furniture, helping it be overlooked  by a burglar – no  one would ever guess there is a watch safe contained in the cabinet. Besides providing extra storage for a wallet, clock and other stuff if located in a  bedroom, the top cubby also can hold a soundbar, radio or stereo equipment – convenient to make the cabinet appear to be a simple TV lift cabinet to an intruder.

The cabinet, which weighs approximately 260 pounds when the safe (a display door or steel door BlumSafe) is installed. It should be attached to a wall for added security.

Installed in 10 Minutes, No Carpenters Needed. We offer the cabinets prebuilt with lifts and safe attached (unless you want it without the safe for some reason – like if you have a spare BlumSafe in your garage that you haven’t gotten around to mounting yet – you know who you are….). You can order it with a steel door BlumSafe, (US-build only), or a display door BlumSafe, and you can even remove the door if you wish. All you’ll have to do is place the cabinet in the desired location, bolt it to the wall for security and anti-tip purposes (earthquakes, my Californian friends, though this cabinet is very stable), and decide how you want to control it – that’s it.

And when you move, the BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet moves with you, easily, no wall holes to fix.

Pricing. We have tried our hardest, consistent with this being a US-built product,  to price this cabinet and safe package in as affordable a price as possible. The cabinet itself, introductorily-priced at $3,399, is comparably priced to US-built TV lifts. For loyal customers who order now (come on – we know that your BlumSafe is full and you have other watches waiting to be housed in a second one – for which you lack the right wall space – this cabinet is your solution).

We think that if you consider the fact that this product gives you a watch safe with up to 12 winders, is ingeniously concealable, provides some furniture storage in your room, you can take it with you easily when you move to a new home, and requires no installation cost, our all-in-cost for a single safe cabinet (including safe) is very reasonable and matches up well to TV lift cabinet pricing.

The Concealment Cabinet is available for order NOW, with WHITE GLOVE delivery available 2-4 weeks after ordering. If you are interested, please let us know NOW, so we can put you on our waiting list [CONTACT]. We would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions you have as we further develop this product line.

Thanks for your loyalty and support.