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New Modular Jewelry Drawer Option for BlumSafe

New Modular Jewelry Drawer Option for Blumsafe

Limited Time Loyalty Discount on Order of Second BlumSafe with at Least one Jewelry Drawer

We have finally perfected a much-requested BlumSafe feature — a new velvet-lined modular jewelry drawer option (initially priced at $99 each). Up to eight of these drawers can fit into a BlumSafe. The velvet-lined drawers have a removable roll tray for earrings, rings, cufflinks, etc. and clever secret hiding nook. 

The lion’s share of BlumSafe sales are for 9-12 winder configurations, but we often are approached by customers whose storage needs lean towards more jewelry, cash and other valuables, and fewer watches. We particularly see this issue with woman customers, who tend to have more jewelry other than watches. We have had many customers order two BlumSafes, “his and hers”, with this in mind.

We have always been proud of the BlumSafe design for its flexible, user adjustable storage options – the base drawer with removable watch cushions, our modular watch winders, of course (three to twelve – add winders as your collection grows) and the adjustable shelves that come with each of our safes. This new jewelry drawer option fills an important void for us. It can be stacked either on top of winders or, for those who don’t want winders at all in their safes, on top of the base drawer.  The BlumSafe can hold up to eight of our new jewelry drawers in a safe with no winders, up to six jewelry drawers in a three winder safe, four drawer in a six winder safe and two drawers in a nine winder safe (twelve winder safes do not have room for these jewelry drawers). These new jewelry drawers can be added at any time to a BlumSafe as your storage needs evolve.

new modular jewelry drawer

Each drawer has a removable roll tray for earrings, rings, cufflinks, etc. If you remove the tray, the velvet-lined drawer beneath has storage dimensions (WxHxD) of 8.7” x 1.65” x 4.2” for bracelets, necklaces, cash and other valuables. It also has a clever covered secret hiding nook of 1.4” x 1.85” x 4.1”. 

If the availability of additional storage was holding you back on ordering a second (or third) BlumSafe, we are offering a loyalty option to our existing customers – order a new BlumSafe with at least one jewelry drawer from now until July 10th and get $50 off with this coupon code – DRAWERLOYALTY50. If you are thinking of a new BlumSafe, also check out our electronic display Screen for concealing your BlumSafe or a separately available wall nook.

We are always looking for new product ideas with which to serve you better, so feel free to reach out if you can think of anything else we should add.

new modular jewelry drawer