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New Website & New Products

  • Variety of Winder Colors to Make Your BlumSafe Unique, Complement Your Watches
  • 12 and 24 Winder Inserts Now Available for Existing Safes
  • BlumSafe now available in Utility Format For Non-Watch Uses
  • Rollout of Improved Referral Program – Free Winders For You, Discount For Your Friends

Dear Friends,
I hope you have been well and safe throughout the past several months.
To avoid going crazy in relative isolation this spring, I spent the time adding to BlumSafe’s product offerings and building a new website to hopefully better serve you and your friends. It is now live at

 In response to your suggestions, we had already added the Display Door add-on to the BlumSafe in November. This allows you to quickly switch out the solid steel door that came with your safe for the Display Door, which as  two tough polycarbonate windows and improved lighting —  to better view your watches. Now we have added several other new items and configurations to the website, all at your suggestion:

Variety of winder colors.

In addition to our classic carbon fiber winder finish, we have added a BlumSafe exclusive, “fire engine red” (some people call this Pantone code “Ferrari Red”),  as well as black, green, orange and yellow winders. These are all compatible with each other, can swap out your existing winders for infinite design variations in your BlumSafe. If your collection has grown since you bought your BlumSafe, then maybe go for colors in your second BlumSafe! (more than 10% of our customers own two BlumSafes, so if you are ready for your second or third BlumSafe, here is a coupon code for $100 off that purchase: LOYALTY100).

Variety of winder colors.

Winder Insert for Existing Safe.

We have been approached by some watch lovers saying, “I don’t need a BlumSafe because I already have a large gun safe or other safes — can you sell me a large, reasonably priced winder array that I can place in my safe?” We found a great supplier who makes a beautiful, very high-grade cabinet insert (with or without a door) of 12 and 24 winders, using the same high-quality Mabuchi motors we use in our BlumSafe Boxy winders. We are now offering that product on our website.

Winder Insert for Existing Safe.

SmartThings MultiSensor.

We now offer for $99 the Samsung SmartThings MultiSensor and Hub that we have been talking about for years, allowing you to monitor your BlumSafe’s condition anywhere in the world on your smartphone.

blumsafe steel door

BlumSafe Utility Configuration.

And lastly, because our BlumSafe is deeper than traditional wall safes, it can be used for a variety of useful applications beyond watch storage, either in the wall or in cabinetry.  I have always felt weird about selling the BlumSafe without the winders when people asked me to do so, but have finally relented with the BlumSafe Utility Configuration (I know – not exactly a catchy phrase, but as some of you know I am a lawyer by training,  not a marketing person).  Basically, it is the BlumSafe without the drawer base and winders, but with the shelves. We have already had several people out west purchase this for cannabis storage/presentation; we also have sold one to an industrial user and received one government request, so maybe we are onto something and I shouldn’t have been so stubborn.

BlumSafe Utility Configuration.

Referral Program.

I can’t say I know how these people found us, but having great customers like you sharing the word undoubtedly helped. And that is why we are also improving our referral program from the ad hoc way we ran it before. We do everything we can to make your experience with BlumSafe a satisfying one, and our existing customers are our best voices, telling friends about the BlumSafe in the watch hobbyist community. We want to reward you for helping. Within a couple of weeks, you will receive an email with your own personal coupon code to share with friends by email, Facebook, or Twitter. Basically, for every one of your friends who uses your coupon code to buy a BlumSafe or winder insert, they get a $50 discount and you get a free winder. This is a small token of my appreciation.

Anyway, that was a lot to share. If I kept you reading to the end I just want to thank you again for your loyalty to us. As always, please reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas.

I wish you a great second half of 2020.

Rob Blum