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Electrical “Hardwiring” of the BlumSafe

Blumsafe Steel Door 3 Winders

BlumSafe Winders

The BlumSafe’s winders are designed to be plugged into a wall outlet through a hole in the bottom of the safe, but many customers have instead hardwired power to their BlumSafe, so I figured I’d explain it here. We also provide an optional battery box if you don’t have access to power at all, but that should not be used for installations of more than three winders, IMHO – you’ll end up changing the batteries every 6 months or less, which just isn’t worth it in my opinion.

When I designed the BlumSafe,  I really did it for me, and for do-it-yourselfers  (I was wrong on that one – most BlumSafes are installed by carpenters or other professionals). Since  I was focusing on “me”, I did not mind relying upon a power adapter for the winders that exited the wall to be plugged into an electrical outlet. For the lion’s share of you, that has worked just fine. But I have learned that you can’t please al the people all the time, and that some of you were  not happy at the aesthetics of doing it this way, so I suggested connecting to an outlet that was not located on the BlumSafe wall, but on the wall in another room behind the BlumSafe.

Some of you did not like that idea either, and insisted that I made a mistake not designing the BlumSafe with a hardwire option. I had one contractor recently yelling at me on the phone about this, insulting my company and my intelligence (!?!). Since I now understand that some people might take this emotionally, here is another, simple way to connect your winders to power if you feel comfortable working around line voltage – or in the alternative, get an electrician to do it for you. 

Very simply, we provide a rubber grommeted hole in the bottom of the BlumSafe through which you insert the winder power wire. Instead of doing that, run a length of properly-rated Romex in-wall wire through that rubber grommeted hole. On the end of the wire that is inside the BlumSafe, connect a small female plug that will fit under the black drawer box upon which your winders sit in the BlumSafe.  The Winder power adapter will plug into this female outlet, with both of them tucked out of view underneath the drawer box. Connect the other end of the wire in your wall to the electrical supply –the back of an outlet or a junction box, BUT FIRST TURN OFF POWER TO THAT CIRCUIT
blumsafe power supply
The cutout in the bottom of the BlumSafe allows you to loop power supply inside the safe.

Want to do it even simpler? Take an extension cord, cut off the male plug end and run that end of the wire through the hole in the bottom of the safe to your AC power connection point, TURN OFF POWER TO THAT CIRCUIT, and splice in the leads from the extension cord to the back of othe outlet or junction box that will supply your power. The female end of the plug should sit inside your safe under the drawer box, where the winder cord will be plugged into it. 

NOTE: If your BlumSafe was provided with an AC power adapter that does not fit under your drawer box, contact us for the newer, slimmer version.

Simple enough, no reason to get upset at me! Either way, enjoy your Blumsafe.