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BlumSafe New Backup Battery Box Accessory for Lockouts

Blumsafe Backup Battery Box Plain

Backup Battery Box

Every BlumSafe can be opened in one of three ways – keypad code, fingerprint, or backup steel key. The batteries that drive the lock last for years and indicate battery condition with an icon on the LCD screen and, when the battery is very low, with an incessant chirping sound.  

But what if you have ignored your BlumSafe’s warnings to change the batteries? In that case, your safe came with a set of backup keys that fit behind the chrome BlumSafe oval plate next to the keypad to open your safe.

And what if you lost the keys, or locked them in your safe!?! You will probably call us, and go through unnecessary heartache and stress (for both you and our customer support staff) as we try to get you a replacement key for your specific lock (from China).

The simpler solution is this new product we are offering – the Backup Battery Box, a battery box that connects to a hidden outlet contained in the left corner of the finger nook at the bottom of the keypad. Simply put batteries in the battery box, plug them into that outlet in the nook, and it will power up your keypad so you can open the safe and replace the lock batteries. Obviously, this battery box should be stored outside the safe, but if you accidentally lock it in the safe or lose it, we don’t have to go to China to get you another key, we can simply pull one of these battery boxes off the shelf at our warehouse and have it to you in a day or two. This way you avoid “watch withdrawal”.

We are offering the Backup Battery Box at a reduced price, $10.99 per box because, frankly, it makes all of our lives easier (the Backup Battery Box is already included with all US-made BlumSafes). Get it on our website.

And while we are on the subject, please check your lock battery indicator on the keypad’s LCD screen, and take your backup keys out of the safe.