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Your BlumSafe is locked, the lock batteries are dead and you misplaced your BlumSafe backup key or locked it in the safe? No problem if you have the Backup Battery Box.

The Backup Battery Box is a battery box that connects to a hidden outlet contained in the left corner of the finger nook at the bottom of the keypad. Simply put four “AA” batteries in the battery box, plug it into that outlet in the nook, and it will power up your keypad so you can open the safe and replace the lock batteries. Just PLEASE don’t store your battery box in your safe!

Notes: The Backup Battery Box comes standard with the US-built version of the BlumSafe. The batteries that drive your lock should last for years and indicate battery condition with an icon on the LCD screen and, when the battery is very low, with an incessant chirping sound.  Don’t ignore these warning signs of failing batteries!


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