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The Screen Gets a Magic Mirror!

The Screen The Coolest Way To Conceal Your Blumsafe

The Screen

About a year ago we introduced a new product, the Screen, a secretly-hinged, 32” (diagonal) electronic photo album and information board that cleverly conceals your BlumSafe, or ANY wall safe — or even a wall nook that could be placed flush in a 2”x4” wall. The Screen, proudly manufactured in Ohio, represents a marriage of two product concepts – easily customizable home electronic display boards, on one hand, and concealment furniture on the other hand.

Now we are adding an option to order the Screen with a two-way mirror mounted over the LCD screen (yes, the type of mirror you see in interrogation rooms in TV detective dramas). This add-on allows you to use this device as a normal mirror, while still displaying your desired data through the mirror when you want it – anything from your daily calendar, to-do’s, time and weather to stock, crypto and FX prices.

This mirror implementation brings the Screen full circle, and we hope you find it useful. It was adapted from the “MagicMirror” concept one sees in hobbyist communities. When we developed the screen in 2020 (quite a year, 2020…), we started with the basic display screen concept without the two-way mirror because, frankly, I wanted a full-fledged display screen, not a mirror (you could learn more about it’s development in this blog post). But a number of you have asked for a magic mirror implementation, so here it is. For many this will be a superior solution, and the only thing you give up versus the traditional Screen implementation is the ability to show photographs in full color and clarity.

And for those of you who “just” want a clever way to conceal their BlumSafe with a hinged mirror, we also offer a “dumb” version of the mirrored Screen – no LCD monitor or computer, but a mirror mounted in our beautiful-hinged frame.

Something for everyone. We hope many of you enjoy it.