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Announcing the NEW BlumSafe Professional

Blumsafe Carbon Fiber Winders Utility Door

BlumSafe Professional

If you find the BlumSafe alluring but seek more storage and a higher level of security, then the new BlumSafe Professional, may be the answer. It is a serious, “Class B” rated burglary safe, offering optional fire protection. It can house up to 18 of our Boxy winders (versus 12 winders in the original BlumSafe), plus another 4 watches in its base drawer, or any combination of winders, shelves and drawers of the type used in the current BlumSafe, for the same type of modular flexibility. The American-designed and manufactured Professional also offers customizable space on the back of the door for anything from guns to necklaces and other valuables, and higher end safe “cosmetics”, like available internal wood veneer paneling and customizable paint treatments (though I still like “black”).  

All at thousands of dollars less expensive than most “luxury” watch and jewelry safes with the same or nearly the same functionality and capacity in our unique wall/cabinet safe design.

With its increased capacity and protective ability, the BlumSafe Professional can serve as your main house safe, with high quality and greater locational convenience in your bedroom or dressing room —  at less than the cost of a  mid-priced watch safe.

We are now taking orders for the Professional (delivery time approximately four weeks). Contact us for more information.

blumsafe professional

Why the BlumSafe Professional?

The idea for the Professional came together over the past several  years, in partnership with an experienced safe design engineer in Minnesota, for several reasons.

First of all, more customers have been asking for greater watch and jewelry storage capacity within our “between the studs” or cabinet mounted form factor. Many of you have ordered multiple BlumSafes. As time has gone by my collection has outgrown my BlumSafe, so I knew where they were coming from.

Secondly, since we started BlumSafe in 2016, the world has changed, and not always for the better. The US urban and suburban environment has gotten more dangerous, and the level of sophisticated break-ins is increasing. The original BlumSafe does a good job of “keeping honest people honest” as well as deterring the amateur, quick smash and grab burglary, especially if hidden behind a product like our Concealment Mirror or Electronic Screen. When part of a multilevel approach to security, the BlumSafe mitigates risk significantly. However, for many people, the times call for not just a product with more capacity, but with a higher level of protection. I just had a call the other day from a really nice guy, a  watch collector from Chicago who was looking for a new watch safe solution. He had just been through the trauma of having his “fireproof gunsafe” burglarized of “two commas” worth of watches and his wife’s jewelry.

ALL safes are vulnerable to the right criminal, but the BlumSafe Professional was designed as a better solution for people like him.

The BlumSafe Professional is a “B Rated” Safe – What Does That Do For Me?

Weighing in at multiples more mass than that of an RSC safe, Class B security safes are a vast step-up in protection. A Class B high-security safe is equipped with a heavy, pry-resistant ½” solid steel door and ¼” solid steel walls on all five sides. The BlumSafe Professional possesses those features, weighing in at approximately 290 pounds (not including weight of optional fireproof package) vs the 62 pounds of the existing BlumSafe. All else being equal, more steel means more protection, period.

the blumsafe professional

The Professional also has a number of advanced, anti-penetration features detailed below, but at its core, this is a safe with a substantial foundation, one capable of resisting hours of brute force abuse by amateur criminals. B Rated safes are often generally capable of withstanding entry attempts by semi-skilled criminals for an hour or more, depending largely on the types of tools used to attempt entry.

At approximately 14 1/4” wide, 36 ¼” tall and 12.8”” deep exterior dimensions (without extra fire cladding, and not including the outside surface flange), the new BlumSafe Professional is a bit taller and deeper than the size of the original BlumSafe and could even be used to swap out an existing BlumSafe in the right situation. The safe’s interior dimensions are 13 3/4”wide X 35 3/4” tall and 9 1/8” of usable depth (with the door closed).  Because of its somewhat increased height, if you configure it with two columns of winders (for 12 winders), instead of three (18 winders), it can even store an AR-15 or folding butt shotgun for home protection.

And the back of the door is configured for a variety of modular storage – it can be outfitted with knobs for hanging necklaces with either a mirror or black velvet backing, a tactical grid for storing handguns and other accessories up to 2 ½” deep, or both.

Other Security Features.

Besides heft, the Professional has a range of other security features, some usually not seen in a safe of this price range:

–pry resistant ½” thick solid steel door, removable for easier installation.

–1/4” thick solid steel body.

A jeweler’s dead bar/continuous channel mates to the hinge side of the door frame so that if the hinges are disabled, the door remains unopenable.

–Hardened steel and ball bearing double hardplate protection to protect the locking mechanism.

–Internal and external relocker mechanisms to protect against lock attacks

–mounting points for side, back and base mounting – mounting a safe correctly adds significantly to its security (contact us before installation or read the Installation tab  on the product page for more information)

–Fireproofing By us, or more cost efficiently by you, utilizing 2-3 layers of conventional sheetrock or concrete panels, commonly used for fireproofing by safe manufacturers.

— Four  ½”x3” wide locking bars with anti-drive resistance, which provide superior protection to the 1” round bolts used in comparable safes due to increased surface area and the manner most of these round bolts are constructed

–Choices of three UL-Listed locks with manual dial or keypad (a more expensive fingerprint, key and Bluetooth option is also available)

–Slip-clutch feature – if a burglar attempts to torque your safe’s handle, its shaft will slip and release pressure on the lock.

–Unique cam-over-center drive mechanism provides further protection in the event of a forced entry by punching or other means

–5/8” thick solid steel reinforced door jamb

Fireproofing. Fireproofing for watch safes is a tricky thing, because while typical safe residential fireproofing provides some protection of your watches against heat, they typically do not protect to a temperature low enough to protect your watches from damage in an intense fire. See our old blog post on this subject here. That being said, we listened to our customers’ desires and offer an otherwise adequate level of fireproofing in the new BlumSafe Professional. The doors on ALL Professionals (whether or not you order the fireproofing option) include one inch of ceramic fiber fireproofing insulation and a and a gasket of Palusol 2 stage expanding with a cold smoke seal.

As an option, we can provide a fireproofing solution in an outer steel shell for the body of the safe or you can build your own (see the Fireproofing tab on the product page).

By the way, unlike most consumer fireproof safes offered today, fireproofing of the Professional (by you or by us) is on the outside of the safe, the way a bank vault is constructed. Usually, consumer safes use moisture-filled sheetrock for fireproofing on the inside of the safe. When heated, this sheetrock gives off vapor and steam inside the safe, which can cause its own form of non-fire damage to watches and other contents. By designing the safe so fireproofing is placed on the outside of the safe shell, this problem is avoided. Since the fireproofing inside the door is ceramic fiber, it does not off-gas damaging vapor and steam into the safe.

Upgrade from a BlumSafe? If you are thinking about upgrading from a standard BlumSafe and have the room for a Professional, you can re-use all your winders and related accessories.

Last But Not Least, Price and Comparison to the Original BlumSafe.  The BlumSafe Professional, equipped with the maximum of 18 winders, is priced at $5,999 (not including the loyalty discount mentioned above for existing BlumSafe owners). The original US-built steel door BlumSafe, equipped with the maximum 12 winders, is currently priced at $2,479.

As a point of comparison, if you were to price each safe on a per winder basis, the original BlumSafe costs $206.58 per winder (i.e., less than the cost of a premium brand winder without a safe attached, usually utilizing the same Mabuchi motors that we use). In comparison, the Professional costs $327.72 per winder, or a 58.64% premium per winder over the original BlumSafe.

For that extra money:

The Professional allows you to store an additional six winders in your safe (alternatively, you could buy two Originals for 24 winders of storage (as many BlumSafe customers have done)).

-The Professional provides significant Class B Burglary protection with its much heavier door and walls and more robust UL-rated keypad and advanced, hardened locking system and other security features.

– The Professional can also be optionally fireproofed.

-Unlike the original BlumSafe, on special orders the Professional can be built in a two-wide integrated design for double the storage (up to 36 winders).

blumsafe professional

Comparing features, the Professional is thousands of dollars less expensive than most “luxury” watch and jewelry safes with the same or nearly the same functionalities and capacity, plus you get our TRULY unique, built-in wall or cabinet safe form factor, allowing you to easily conceal it in your dressing room.

In summary, both the original BlumSafe and the BlumSafe  Professional provide exceptional value and features for our customers. Which one to buy really depends upon your needs and budget.

For the cost of a mid-level watch, the BlumSafe Professional provides ample  storage in a more secure safe, plus  optional fireproofing.   Isn’t your beloved watch collection worth the protection?

We are thrilled to bring you the BlumSafe Professional. It can be ordered on our website and of course you can contact us to ask any questions.