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Our New Concealment Mirror

Blumsafe the Concealment Mirror

Hide your BlumSafe or Nook AND Secretly Store your Gun(s) Behind the Mirror 

By Rob Blum 

Over the years, many, many customers have asked us for two things: a concealment product for their BlumSafes, to better enhance security, and additional storage for guns and other accessories they wanted to keep handy in their BlumSafes.  

A couple of years ago we came out with the Electronic Display Screen product which is hinged on the wall, concealing the BlumSafe. We later released  its Magic Mirror cousin. Some people got this product without even buying a BlumSafe – they would simply buy our Nook instead, to slip into a 2”x4” stud wall space behind the Display Screen.  

But the law of physics precluded us from providing a good gun storage solution, at least for those who wanted to fill their safes with watches. But you could see the need – the lion’s share of BlumSafes are installed in bedrooms and dressing rooms, just the same place a handgun owner would want to securely keep his or her gun.  

More recently, following a couple of requests for a simple mirror product to conceal BlumSafes, without the electronic screen and associated computer, we developed the Concealment Mirror by using the frame from the electronic screen, and installing a mirror. We realized that the removal of the electronics left a two-inch thick void behind the mirror. Can we use that empty area for anything? So we put gun storage foam in that void and guess what? The gun storage and accessory challenge was solved.  

blumsafe the concealment mirror

The hinged Concealment Mirror opens to reveal the BlumSafe (or simple Nook) behind it, but inside the frame on the other side of the mirror is the layer of storage foam. With a sharp knife you can easily  carve out  nooks in this foam for guns, magazines, a money roll, a backup hard drive or whatever else you please.  

We have already had one person buy the Concealment frame solely for the foam storage layer, without making a hole in the wall for either a BlumSafe or a Nook! 

The Concealment Mirror with this option is available for purchase here, and will be available for the soon-to-arrive BlumSafe Professional as well.  

Two safety notes: While our RFID lock solution is optional for the Concealment Mirror, if you plan on storing guns behind it, we strongly urge you to get the lock to protect your loved one (I’m thinking about your children). Second, if you live in a state that requires you to lock up your gun in a safe, this solution probably won’t qualify, so check your local ordinances.  

Happy Holidays from your friends at BlumSafe.