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Should I buy the BlumSafe or the BlumSafe Professional?

Blumsafe Professional

Where did the idea for the BlumSafe Professional come from?

How does it compare to the original BlumSafe?

We have sold well over one thousand steel door and display door BlumSafes over the past five years. Many of our clients needed more watch capacity than the original BlumSafe’s 12 winders (plus ”four in the drawer”), and ended up buying multiple BlumSafes. Others wanted a higher security package, including a fireproof option. All appreciated our unique, built-in wall or cabinet safe, “Made in America” design, and wanted us to deliver a value-priced solution versus the beautiful but exorbitantly-priced jewelry and watch safes that are on the market, but which, fundamentally, offer no greater functionality than BlumSafe. From these requests the BlumSafe Professional was born. For larger collections or where maximal security is desired, the BlumSafe Professional is a great choice. Both the original BlumSafe (the “Original”) and the new BlumSafe Professional (the “Professional”) provide exceptional value and features for our customers. Which one to buy really depends upon your needs and budget, but you can’t go wrong with either.

the unique blumsafe professional

Here are some relevant comparisons between the steel door BlumSafe Original and the BlumSafe Professional:

Capacity: The Professional has capacity for 18 of our winders, the Original can take 12 winders, in each case you can add winders as your collection grows. Each also has room for four additional watches in the base drawer included with every safe. They also both utilize our modular jewelry drawers and shelves.

Form Factor: Each is designed to fit in between standard width 16” on center (O.C.) studs, with the caveat that the fireproofing option on the Professional adds approximately 3” of width, so would need to be framed out to custom measurements. The Professional is deeper than the Original by about 5 ¼”, and is approximately 10” taller. If you have an existing Blumsafe and have the additional depth and height, you can swap out a Professional for an Original BlumSafe (for a limited time, we will facilitate that swap on favorable terms – contact us to discuss).

Protection: The Original BlumSafe is an RSC-equivalent design, meant to provide a level of  protection against amateur thieves and to “keep honest people honest” (e.g., cleaning personnel and other invitees to your home). Coupled with additional layers of security and concealment, it can serve as your primary safe or as a supplement to a higher security safe.  It weighs 60 pounds with a 3/16” (5mm) thick steel door. The Professional is a different beast. It is a Class B Burglary safe that weighs approximately 290 pounds, with a  ½” thick removable steel door, ¼” thick walls, UL listed keypad and sophisticated and hardened lock mechanism. More steel equals more protection, and longer time to penetrate. Properly mounted, the Professional offers both the security protection and capacity to serve as a stand-alone high security safe in any home. And the Professional offers optional fireproofing for additional protection (or you can fireproof it yourself, easily facilitated by the wall/cabinet-mounted design).

Pricing and Value:  The Original US-built steel door BlumSafe, equipped with the maximum 12 winders, currently is priced at $2,479. The BlumSafe Original, equipped with the maximum 18 winders, is priced at $5,899. They each can also take our jewelry drawers and shelves (by reusing winders and accessories from your original 12 winder BlumSafe, you can reduce the acquisition cost of the Professional to under $4,300, including your limited-time loyalty coupon). If you were to price each safe on a per winder basis, the Original costs $206.58 per winder (less than the cost of premium brand winders, usually utilizing the same Mabuchi motors that ours do) and the Professional (at $5,899) costs $327.72 per winder in an 18 winder Professional, or a 58.64% premium per winder over the Original, but at roughly the price you would pay for premium winders alone – without a Class B safe attached!

the unique blumsafe professional

But we all know the saying, “you get what you pay for”. For that extra money:

– The Professional allows you to store an additional six winders in your safe.

– The Professional can also be optionally- fireproofed by us (or by you).

– The Professional provides significant Class B Burglary protection with its much heavier door and walls and more robust UL-rated keypad and advanced, hardened locking system.

– Unlike the Original, on special orders the Professional can be built in a two-wide attached design for double the storage (up to 36 winders).

– Comparing features, the Professional is thousands of dollars less than most “luxury” watch and jewelry safes with the same functionalities – and our unique, built-in wall or cabinet safe form factor.

– Again, at $327 per winder in an 18 winder setup, the Professional gives you a Class B safe with winders for the price of premium winders alone – most of which use the same Mabuchi motors we do.

In summary, both the Original and the Professional provide exceptional value and features for our customers. Which one to buy really depends upon your needs and budget, but you can’t go wrong with either.