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BlumSafe Professional Featured in WatchTime Magazine!

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“Secure, Wound, Accessible”

– The BlumSafe Professional Takes Protection of Your Watch Collection to the Next Level

A “Class B” rated home burglary safe for watches, designed and built in the USA, with a ½” thick solid steel door and a long list of other security features, specifically designed for concealed mounting in cabinets and walls, with available fireproofing, and storage capacity for 18 watch winders, jewelry and other items — for $6,000 to $7,000? Meet the BlumSafe Professional. But first some background.

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BlumSafe started in 2016 as a watch collector’s hobby — a passion project for Rob Blum, who had been looking for a reasonably priced wall safe that was deep enough to hold winders for his growing watch collection, was easily concealable (Rob believes the best form of security is for your valuables never to be found), and could be mounted in his dressing room — the best place to choose his watch for the day, to match his mood and clothing. The product he wanted really did not exist, so he sketched out ideas, and after over a year of research and design the first BlumSafe was born in 2017, followed two years later by a display door version. Both original BlumSafe models are highly modular and can be easily configured — both before and long after installation — to suit the owner and hold up to 12 watch winders, plus drawers and shelves.

The reception given to the BlumSafe by watch collectors greatly exceeded Rob’s expectations. Soon, client feedback had Rob and his growing team thinking about a bigger and higher security safe, one that retained the BlumSafe’s “between the studs” fit into in a wall or cabinet, with high quality and affordability. The new safe had to be manufactured in the US, as all BlumSafes have been since 2021. These priorities framed the development of the BlumSafe Professional, which launched in Spring 2023.

Basically, if a watch collector finds the BlumSafe alluring but seeks more storage or a higher level of security and/or fireproofing, then the new BlumSafe Professional is probably the answer. The Professional offers the same modular flexibility of the original BlumSafe, allowing the safe’s interior to evolve as the owner’s collection grows. But the Professional offers more storage in a more secure package, along with higher end safe “cosmetics” such as available internal wood veneer paneling and customizable paint treatments.

Essentially, with its increased capacity and protective ability, the BlumSafe Professional can serve as your main house safe, with greater locational convenience. And the BlumSafe Professional has all of these features at the outstanding value-for-money ratio that BlumSafe customers have come to expect — and at less than the cost of a mid-priced watch.