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Wall or Free-Standing Watch Safe – Which Do You Need?

Wall or Free-Standing Watch Safe - Which Do You Need

For most watch collectors, watches are extremely valuable, both financially and emotionally.

They are often expensive, especially if they fall within a luxury watch price range. For some collectors, these devices also hold sentimental value which is one reason to make sure these small functional, yet and beautiful devices are safe and protected the right way. And how to protect them adequately? The best way is to get a high-quality wall safe which can serve as a secure watch safe as well.

Why Should You Consider a Watch Safe?

Watch safes provide peace of mind for their owners keeping the valuable watches safe and secure. Some such safes are highly functional with multifunction control winders, lighting systems, and various other features, but most importantly the unique purpose they serve — to protect your collection — gives them enormous value. With a BlumSafe, for example, for the cost of an entry level luxury watch, you can conceal and physically protect your watch collection, and keep it accessible at the same time — in your bedroom or dressing room, so that you can select your watch of the day for your mood, clothing and purpose.

One thing all watches safes have in common is that their usage is highly flexible and they can hold not only your luxury watch items but also jewelry or any other items of value.

So when buying a watch safe, watch collectors are getting both – security and features. If you are not sure where to start, here is some more information.

watch safes watch winders product
A fully loaded BlumSafe Professional, with 18 watch winders

What is a Wall Watch Safe?

A wall watch safe is a specific type of secure storage solution for luxury watches and other valuables. It’s designed as a custom dimension safe that is installed within a wall or carpentry cabinet providing secure burglary safe, yet discreet and hidden storage for your watch collection.

Their primary function is to keep your watches protected, but some safes often offer advanced elements as well as can make your watch function constantly even when off the wrist.

Here are some key points of a wall watch safe to consider:

  1. Installation: These types of watch safes are usually embedded into the wall or cabinetry and fully flushed within the surface. If you have the right location for the safe, installation is fairly simple, but may require the help of a handyman or carpenter for installation, depending upon how handy you are, and the situation.
  2. Security: Wall watch safes are primarily designed with security in mind. Some models have additional protection features implemented such as reinforced doors for example. The BlumSafe Professional Class B burglary safe has a 1/2″ thick, solid steel door, UL listed entry, highly engineered lock mechanism and fire protection.
  3. Accessibility: One great thing about a wall safe for watches is that it is very easy to install them at torso height, making it easy to access your watches. Before installing the wall watch safe, it’s necessary to consider access. With a free-standing watch or gun safe that sits on the floor, it may involve bending or kneeling down. to access your watches and valuables. You should position the safe to suit your preference.
  4. Concealment: As in all safes, not only watch safes, the primary advantage is the ability to remain hidden from view. Concealment is a major element in security. Once installed, a wall safe can be covered by a wall panel, painting, or other decorative elements, effectively camouflaging its presence.
  5. Space efficiency: One of the key elements of watch safes is that they are space-efficient as they utilize the interior of the wall or cabinet, which means they don’t take up floor space or surface area in your room. This can be particularly useful if you have limited space in your home.
time watch price
UL Listed lock on BlumSafe Professional

What is a Free-Standing Watch Safe?

Same or similar to a wall watch safe, a free-standing watch safe is a type of secure storage solution constructed specifically for storing watches and other valuables.

Unlike wall safes that are recessed into a wall, these watch safes are standalone units that can make themselves obvious in the room.

These safes provide a combination of security, organization, and display features for protecting your watch collection.

Here are some key points below:

  1. Design: These types of watch safes are designed with aesthetics in mind like many wall safes. They are aesthetically pleasing and can complement your room decor.
  2. Display and Organization: These safes often incorporate watch display cabinet elements to showcase your watch collection. Like some wall safes (e.g., the BlumSafe Display Door wall safe), they may have transparent panels, allowing you to view and admire your watch collection while keeping them secure. The interior compartments are built to keep them organized, with individual slots or pillows to hold each timepiece securely.
  3. Accessibility: Unlike wall watch safes, these watch safes may not be as conveniently accessible — because they take floor space, they may not be located where you need them, in your dressing area, but instead, in another room in the house. Due to their installation and placement in the cabinet, they also may not be at a comfortable height, requiring that you kneel or bend down to retrieve or view your watches.
  4. Storage Capacity: Like wall safes, these types of watch safes typically feature multiple compartments, drawers, or watch rolls to accommodate different sizes and styles of timepieces.
  5. Security: The security of free-standing safes run the gamut, from very secure to very insecure. Like their wall safe cousins, particularly the BlumSafe Professional, the better quality free-standing safes may be built with a lot of steel and other sturdy materials, and equipped with a burglary safe locking mechanisms such as combination locks, electronic locks, or biometric fingerprint scanners, but at an often much higher price.
watch winders watch safe
Display Door on BlumSafe wall safe lets you see your watches with the door closed.

The Advantage of BlumSafe Watch Safes

Our BlumSafe watch safes are created to be mounted and concealed in a wall or cabinet. Their modular design can be easily configured with any combination of watch winders, jewelry drawers, and shelves for jewelry, watches, and other valuables.

Our watch safes provide ultimate peace of mind when it comes to protection, security, function, and exclusive attributes. For example, our winders use the same high-quality Mabuchi motors as in more expensive brands, still, we ensure the design visually fits into any luxury home.

Whether you are looking for a 12 winder capacity BlumSafe, or an 18 winder capacity, higher security and fire-protected BlumSafe Professional, our watch safes provide a burglary safe and functional modular storage construction system for the safe storage of your jewelry or watch pieces.

Check out our highly-rated products here and choose the safe that is best for you. We have expertise in watch safes, watch winders and concealment furniture at a reasonable price.

Don’t take a risk keeping your jewelry or a watch on a dresser. Investing in a good watch safe will bring long-term value and peace of mind.

Properly installed and protected by other layers of home security, watch safes should protect your collection and provide a burglary safe environment secure enough for your watch devices and more.

watch safe drawers
Watch mechanism

To Conclude

When choosing a watch safe, consider factors such as the size of your watch collection, the level of security required, and the aesthetic appeal that aligns with your personal style and room decor.

It’s important to note that wall watch safes come in various sizes, designs, and protection levels, so it’s essential to choose one that meets your specific requirements for watch storage and security.

Wall watch safes should come with specialized attributes tailored for storing automatic watches. These safe types should include watch winders, which are mechanisms that keep an automatic watch wound when not in use.

If yous still have questions or concerns, we can help you determine whether and what type of watch safes and watch winders that you need, or any safe drawers for your watch at a reasonable price. We also offer separate watch winders to keep your collection safe. Get in touch with BlumSafe safes experts today!