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Big Wrists, Small Wrists

Big Wrists Small Wrists

BlumSafe Winders

The watch cushions that come with the BlumSafe’s winders fit a wide range of wrist sizes. To put your watch in the winder, you typically just close your watch around the narrower part of the watch cushion, as shown in the photo to the upper left below (compressing the foam cushion as necessary to fit your band), and then you place the cushion all the way into the cup of the watch winder with the top and bottom of the band fitting the cutouts in the winder cup.

However, for those with really big wrists, your band or bracelet may be too big to grip and hold onto the cushion when you close it (put another way, the cushion is too small to have good friction contact with the closed watchband). This is relatively unusual, but for those of you with this issue, the simplest solution is simply to wrap the watch around the wider dimension of the watch cushion before loading it into the winder, as shown in the photo at the bottom center below. Some people instead might put an extra piece of foam or cloth between the back of their watch and the cushion, but that is made unnecessary by this method.

Big Wrists Small Wrists


W:7.0 H:5.5. x D:4.0cm

Big Wrists Small Wrists

BOXY PU Lady Foam

W:7.0 H:6.0. x D:4.8cm

Big Wrists Small Wrists

Put the Foam verticaly

Lastly, small band women’s watches can usually fit on our standard cushion along the narrower axis — you just might have to squeeze the cushion a bit for the band to fit. If that doesn’t work or you are worried that it may place too much stress on your band or attaching pins, you can simply cut out indentations in your foam cushion as shown in the top right photo below, or if you’d like a nicely finished version, contact us to special order a couple of “Lady Foam” cushions (not my designation, but the manufacturer’s). We expect to get a shipment of these in about a month and would be happy to help you.

The bottom line – you should never have a problem using our winders for your watches.