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Gun Storage In the BlumSafe

Gun Storage In the Blumsafe

Optimize Your BlumSafe.

A number of our clients have told me how great the BlumSafe is for storage of their handguns, in addition to their watches and other valuables. The BlumSafe’s concealability as a wall safe, combined with its extra depth, are apparently a winning ticket for handguns and ammunition.   This blog post will suggest some ways for gun owners to optimize their BlumSafe.

Most gun owners would agree that handgun storage should be secure, preferably hidden, and quickly and easily accessible in case of emergency.  The BlumSafe easily checks off all those requirements –- an all-steel wall safe that can be concealed in a closet or behind a picture in your bedroom or anywhere in the house that is close at-hand when needed, with a quick-opening biometric (fingerprint) lock.

If you have a sizable gun collection, you probably (and should) have a large gun safe – which is probably someplace out of the way, in your basement, garage, bonus room, etc. But you probably want a  handgun more accessible, and the BlumSafe is the answer — much better than storing your gun in an easily-stolen locked steel box under your bed, or worse, a shoe box (you know who you are). And because the BlumSafe was designed to hold watch winders, it is almost three times deeper (over 7” deep) than a typical wall safe, which usually has the depth of an in-wall medicine cabinet. With an internal height of over 26 1/2″, this results in plenty of storage room in the space not taken up by our modular watch winders, which you can move around your BlumSafe to accommodate any gun storage format you can think of.

Since each BlumSafe comes with two, velvet-lined, adjustable shelves, you can simply place your holstered or unholstered handguns on the shelves, along with a box or two of ammunition. If you like things a bit fancier, there is also the option of getting a holster that attaches to your safe with hook and loop material (i.e., Velcro), like this one.  These holsters would simply attach to one of the adjustable steel bars that screw into the back wall of your safe (two are included with your BlumSafe, for the winders to attach to with Velcro). You can also pick up a Velcro-mounted magazine holder.

Some vendors sell a magnetic plate for holding handguns in safes and other locations. While that would work with a BlumSafe, we highly recommend not using these in your BlumSafe if you are using it to hold watches – these very strong magnets will wreak havoc to your watches’ innards.

If you put guns in your BlumSafe, you may wish to consider adding an electric dehumidifier rod to your BlumSafe. You can run the electric wire for this alongside the power for your winders, through the grommeted hole in the bottom of the safe. Or you can get a rechargeable one like this one.

Gun Storage In the Blumsafe

One BlumSafe client found that his growing watch collection was slowly edging his handgun and other valuables out of his safe. As he approached a collection that required twelve winders in his BlumSafe, he realized he needed more room, and bought a second BlumSafe to put side-by-side with the first, and reallocated his winders among the safes. This could make a pretty cool-looking installation if you have the room.

Do you have an installation that you are particularly proud of? Send us some pictures to share with everyone!

In the meantime, please, always treat your guns with caution, store them carefully and securely, and keep them lubricated.