Posted By: Rob Blum
Thank You, From BlumSafe

I would like to thank the watch-loving community for your support this past year in helping us build our company.

When I started out about three years ago, I designed the BlumSafe for my own use, but somehow got the idea that there were others out there who wanted the same thing I did – an easily accessible, concealable and affordable watch safe. With the help of my children and guidance of several of my clients with experience in design and manufacturing, we developed and manufactured the BlumSafe, built a website, and began a great partnership with Method Sourcing for fulfillment and customer service.

In 2019 we continued forward, had a great year, introduced our new Display Door and are working on several other cool product additions, like a portable rechargeable battery pack, to allow you to use your winders effortlessly while travelling.

All of this has been done in a spirit that reflects my personal wish — to treat every one of our customers as we would a friend. I feel truly blessed to have had the chance this past year to continue to successfully build this company, and have the fun of interacting with so many of you, my likeminded watch lovers.

Thank you, and I thank the great people at Method Sourcing for all their help.

I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year.