Watch Strap/Bracelet Removal Tool with 8 Durable Tips



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When I started experimenting with changing out watch bands (see my blog piece on the subject), I soon realized that using a typical spring bar tool is not that easy, and you run a high risk of scratching your watch lugs or taking a flying spring bar to the eye. I also discovered that spring bars are EXTREMELY difficult to manipulate with steel bracelets. So I looked for and found this product – a pair of pliers with two removable spring bar forks on the ends. Basically, this tool allows you to press in both ends of the spring bar AT THE SAME TIME. I found this a much easier way to swap out both bracelets and straps.

  • Works for the great majority of watches, with a variety of higher quality, steel spring bar forks/tips included – 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm and 1.6mm. NOTE: even though these forks are of a higher quality than others we have seen, all such forks are minute and relatively delicate – please be careful using them, or you can break them.
  • Durable and well-made, we searched far and wide for a tool that was better than the cheap product you might see on a certain, gigantic online marketplace. Besides the better forks, this tool is heavier in weight than the more commonly seen Swiss look-alike product.
  • Handy size for travel, allowing you to “switch up” your straps and bracelets on trips without carrying many watches: 13cm X 6.5cm X 1.4cm (5.12” X 2.56” X 0.6”)



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