The Screen – The COOLEST way to conceal your BlumSafe!



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Price for Screen only, does not include BlumSafe or Nook

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the BlumSafe Screen is a secretly-hinged, 32” (diagonal) electronic photo album and information board that cleverly conceals your BlumSafe, or ANY wall safe or wall nook. If you don’t need the modular watch and jewelry storage of a BlumSafe, or only have a wall with 2” X 4” deep construction, consider ordering the Wall Nook.

Precision carpentry of the beautiful wood frame makes the true purpose of the Screen unknowable to intruders, who would NEVER expect that there is anything hidden behind it. And the Screen can be locked to the wall with an optional lock bar/valet tray using an RFID credit card “key” for easy unlatching to reveal your BlumSafe.

The Screen provides you with a rotating photo album and a wide array of information that you can easily program yourself through an online portal (see “Features” and “Content Categories” tabs, below).

Magic Mirror Option now available. This solution allows you to use the Screen as a mirror, cleverly showing text data through the two-way mirror (while great for text, this is NOT a good solution for viewing photographs, however).

Marrying up this excellent display board technology with a hinged frame to conceal our safes might be our best idea yet.

If the Screen is a bit too much for your needs but you seek concealment for your BlumSafe take a look at the BlumSafe Concealment Mirror here.

NOTES: Photos are of Screen in Maple finish and photos of the back of Screen are of prototype, not final design.

We can prepare your Screen in custom colors and finishes, and for a $250 upcharge, even offer it with a 4K screen. Contact Us to discuss your customization.

Custom order, non-returnable. Delivery time 3-5 weeks

Magic Mirror-type Option Now Available!
White Oak
Black (+$75)
White (+$75)
WALL NOOK (+$249.99)
MAGIC MIRROR (+$249.99)
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How It Works

The Screen’s “business end” consists of a 32” (diagonal) IPS high definition computer monitor with 1920X1080 resolution (4K monitor upgrade optional for $250), coupled with its brains — a Raspberry Pi computer connected to the DAKBoard display board cloud service. We considered going with a homemade configuration, but the DAK product is so much easier for customers to use and well-supported. Just connect it to your wifi network, log in and either use one of many templated layouts or create your own completely custom and unique configuration of all your content DAKBoard uses a simple drag and drop, resizable block framework (options beyond a basic template are available with an inexpensive, optional subscription service). This video shows the initial screen setup and configuration. In short — zero maintenance but 100% customizable — the BlumSafe way.


The BlumSafe Screen base mounts on the right side of the front of the BlumSafe. The Screen surface attaches to the wall with magnetic catches or the optional RFID lock (below) and swings away from the wall on high-quality Soss invisible hinges.

It is made from solid wood – maple, oak or walnut stock finishes, either stained or painted black or white; custom finishes are also available (contact us to discuss your needs, finish information and timing – typical delivery in 3-5 weeks). It is pre-inspected and comes packed carefully in foam.


Power runs inside the wall cavity alongside the BlumSafe’s winders’ power wire to an outlet or electrical box.

Optional RFID Lock Bar

An optional RFID Lock Bar (select below), will keep your Screen locked to the wall and includes a valet tray for your keys, wallet, phone, etc… See this video for operation – basically, the safe opens by swiping an enclosed RFID credit card key at the bottom left corner of the frame. You can also order available key fobs from our supplier.

You can easily remove the Screen and the BlumSafe when you move and take them with you – just patch your wall and no one will ever know the safe or BlumSafe Screen were there.


  • Custom order, non-returnable
  • The Screen’s frame is oiled natural wood. It is normal for this to show unevenness – that is the natural beauty of the wood. You can also order it painted.
  • If you use the Samsung SmartThings multisensor to monitor your BlumSafe, it may or may not work with your Screen (some seem to work, some don’t base on the strength of your wifi network, the monitor and other considerations). Try it out – if it works, great, if not, simply move the multisensor to the Screen wood frame.
  • Only works in flush-mount situations (will not work with BlumSafe Frame for shallow 2” X 4” walls, but you can use the Nook with this product in shallower 2”X4” walls).


The Screen provides you a rotating photo album and a wide array of information as you get dressed in the morning and for a quick glance throughout the day – as much or as little information as you want:

  • your photos from cloud services like Google Photos, Apple ICloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Flickr or Dropbox
  • calendar – either your own or a consolidated family calendar
  • news
  • weather
  • traffic
  • to-do and shopping lists
  • stock quotes
  • exchange rates
  • Multiple “World Clock” setup
  • home automation information from your Samsung SmartThings devices and connected thermostats
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • your music service
  • Fitbit
  • Reddit feed
  • Google sheets (mine shows the prior day sales data)


  • Measurements: 31-3/8"H x 19-1/4"W x 3"D (6"D – with Lock Bar).
  • Weight : Approximately 33-35 pounds.


Click here and download Construction Manual for Blumsafe Screen

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