Powered Winder Tray


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NOTE: Purchase of Powered Winder Tray does not include winders or AC power adapter.

If you don’t have the right location for a BlumSafe or would like to add our Boxy winders to a tabletop, closet, or cabinet, and like the more modular and customizable approach that we offer in the BlumSafe, we now offer the ability to buy the Boxy Powered Winder Trays, either four winders wide, which can hold up to 8 winders, or two winders wide, which can hold up to 4 winders. Using this tray allows you to add winders as your collection grows in any variety of available colors. These trays use the same winders we use in the BlumSafe.
If you don’t have one, you need to purchase our AC Power Adapter to power the Winder Tray or you can purchase them as a package here. And of course, you need to buy winders.

For a larger, more elaborate in-safe or in-cabinet winder solution, see our 12 and 24 winder insert.




Two Winder Tray -- W 8 1/4" (21cm) x D 4 3/8" (11cm) x H 7/8" (2cm)

Four Winder Tray -- W 15 3/4" (40cm) x D 4 3/8" (11cm) x H 7/8" (2cm)

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