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For the same reason that the BlumSafe works so well for watch collectors, others have also been attracted as well. We have received inquiries for the BlumSafe from jewelry owners, industrial users and people with valuable herbal collections, seeking a deep wall (or cabinet) safe with the capacity and flexibility to meet their valuables storage needs – they just did not need watch winders. So we decided to offer a specially configured BlumSafe for them.

The BlumSafe Utility Configuration includes: a BlumSafe, two shelves and mounting hardware, This package does not include watch winders. Additional options you can add to this package include our Display Door, Samsung SmartThings remote monitoring hardware and if you change your mind later, watch winders. Like our regular Blumsafe, this configuration permits you to connect power to your safe, for whatever purpose.

NOTE: If your walls don’t have at least 7 ½” of depth for a flush Blumsafe installation, purchase the Frame which allows you to mount the BlumSafe in a standard 2″ X 4″ wall.

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Features that make the BlumSafe especially suitable for protection and of a wide range of items include:

  • The convenience and security of a concealable wall safe
    – unique, extra depth to accommodate mason jars and other containers on its 5 1/2” deep shelves
    – easy and fast three-way locking system – unlock either with a 4-8 digit code you set, a fingerprint or a key
    – three adjustable, velvet-lined shelving provides flexibility to store other items in the BlumSafe as well – including the ability to add watch winders just like with every other BlumSafe
  • Safe comes with all-steel door to hide your valuables, or choose the optional Display Door with tough polycarbonate windows to display your buds and other valuables
    – all-steel door that comes with every safe has drop down shelf on back of door for added convenience
    – Door light on Display Door turns off after 15 minutes, conserving your battery and so as not to subject vulnerable contents, such as herbals, to potentially harmful light
  • Add the optional SmartThings multisensor to the BlumSafe, allowing you to monitor on your smartphone conditions such as safe opening, motion/shock sensing, connection failure, low battery and temperature of the safe, so important (together with humidity and light) for the potency of herbals that may be stored in your BlumSafe.


  • Beautiful exterior– black, serpentized, scratch resistant steel.
  • 20-33% thicker door and body walls than most other wall safes in class.
  • Motorized 20MM locking deadbolts slide into anti-pry insertion slots.
  • Higher security, four-blade keys — no barrel keys
  • Mounting flexibility in 4 and 8 inches deep (or greater) studs — and BlumSafe is easily movable with you to your next home
  • Laser-cut doors, not punch and shear, to minimize gaps
  • Continuously welded seams, not cheap spot welding
  • “Secret hiding place” for cash and papers behind winders
  • NOT fireproof or waterproof
  • Production: Designed in USA, manufactured in Asia


  • Inside: H 26 1/2″ (673 mm) x W 14″ (355 mm) x D 7 1/8″ (181 mm).
  • Outside: H 26 3/4″ (679 mm) x W 14 7/32″ (361 mm) x D 7 3/8″ (187 mm), Flange around the safe: H 29 5/8″ (753 mm) x W 17 29/32″ (455 mm) x D 13/64″ (5 mm).
  • Weight: 60.1 lbs. (27.26 Kgs).

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