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The BlumSafe Collection --
All BlumSafes are designed to be mounted and concealed in a wall or cabinet, easly configured with winders, jewelry drawers and shelves for watches, jewelry, guns and other valuables.

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One thing all our safes have in common is that they can be used as flexible watch safes and home jewelry safes, providing you with peace of mind by protecting your jewelry, watches, and other valuables. Our watch winders use the same Mabuchi motors of more expensive brands, yet visually fit into any luxury home. Offering solid steel construction, fingerprint locks, fire protection in our BlumSafe Professional, and other features, BlumSafes compete well against much more expensive home jewelry safes, high-end safes, and custom safes, usually for significantly less money.

The combination of our concealable form factor, in a wall or cabinet, available security technology, and flexible, modular storage construction for storage of everything from guns to necklaces on a necklace rack in the Professional, makes the BlumSafe brand ideal for a broad range of customers as either a primary or a convenience safe in the dressing or bedroom. This is the case whether you have a $20,000 watch collection or a $2 million one.

Keeping your watches in a winder on your dresser is convenient – they are easy to look at and stay wound, so you can wear the watch you like on a moment’s notice. But don’t take this risk. Your watches matter to you, whether you wear them hard every day, or coddle them as an investment to be traded or, better yet, passed to the next generation. Don’t forget, one out of ten homes in the US every year is subject to property theft. The good news is those thefts are usually by invitees to your house – not burglars, and in only the rarest of circumstances by burglars who are carrying the types of power tools that can defeat virtually any safe. Properly installed, either the regular BlumSafe or the heavier-duty, fireproof BlumSafe Professional should protect your collection in the overwhelming number of these cases.

The bottom line -- protect your watches and jewelry with a BlumSafe.