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BlumSafe Canadian Taxes and Brokerage Fees and Duties

BlumSafe In Canada

We sell many BlumSafes in Canada, and in trying to help you understand costs, we have tried to explain things below.

Shipping costs displayed in this website for Canada do not include Canadian taxes or brokerage charges and duties. All shipments to Canada are subject to these additional fees.

Your shipment will be subject to the same sales and/or goods and services taxes that the province or territory to which we are shipping typically collects. The amount of tax assessed will be based on the total value of your order. Please refer to your local and federal tax authorities if you have questions on these rates.

Please Note:

  • These are estimates only, expressed in US Dollars, and may vary based on the current exchange rate. As such, they are subject to change.
  • Brokerage fees themselves are subject to provincial/territorial sales and/or goods and service taxes; the estimates listed here do not include these taxes.
  • The estimates listed here for the brokerage fee and duty only. They do not include the tax assessed on the brokerage fee itself, nor the sales and/or goods and services taxes that may be assessed on the total order value.
  • Taxes and brokerage fees are based on the total value of your order. If you have items on your order in addition to those listed here, your taxes and fees will be higher.
  • Canadian taxes and brokerage fees are payable to the carrier (to Canada, usually UPS), not to BlumSafe.
  • We encourage you to contact the carrier directly to better understand the taxes and brokerage fees your order will incur.

Estimated Brokerage Fees and duties for major items:
Safe Package (includes winders) – US $159
Three Winders (if ordered separate from safe package) – US $50